110% Lowest Price Guarantee

110% Lowest price guarantee - We simply won't be beat! 

Here's the guarantee explained in simple terms as if we are sitting across the coffee table discussing this as friends. We work hard on a daily basis to make sure we offer the lowest overall pricing in the industry.  As you can see, we carry lots of different items all with a different price. Each week we research our competitors to make sure that we still have the lowest price.  If we find someone under us then we lower our price to beat theirs.  In other words we price to the market and not based on cost.  We are confident that we operate our business more efficiently than any other scaffolding company and thus it is our goal to always have the industry's lowest prices.  In the event that you ever get a lower quote simply let us know! We will beat it!     


Our 110% price guarantee means we will match that lower price and then give you an additional 10% of the difference between our stated price and your quote. It's that simple. You buy from us knowing you always receive the best deal possible. Please note regarding some of our products.....they are not just equal but are typically of a  higher quality yet we sell them for less.