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BilJax Style Sets
BilJax Style Frames
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Veneer/Judy Jack
Multifunction Scaffolding

Most Popular Packages

Church & Stadium Scaffolding
5ft Tower Packages
11ft Tower Packages
14ft Tower Packages
16ft Tower Packages
20ft Tower Packages
26ft Tower Packages
30ft Tower Packages
34ft Tower Packages
3 x 3 Tower Packages
14ft & 20ft Tower Packages with Internal Stairs

Walk Boards-OSHA Plank

7ft/10ft All Aluminum Walk Board
7ft/10ft Aluminum/Plywood Walk Board
DI-65 Solid Wood Planks

BilJax Style Scaffold Sets

Basic 5ft x 5ft Scaffold Set
Standard 5ft x 5ft Scaffold Set
Premium 5ft x 5ft Scaffold Set
5ft x 3ft Scaffold Set
5ft x 6ft 4in Ladder Style
5ft x 6ft 4in Standard Scaffold Walk-Through Set
5ft x 6ft 6in Premium Scaffold Walk-Through Set
5ft x 6ft 6in Walk-Through Set with Built in Ladder
Baker's Narrow Scaffold Set

BilJax Style Scaffold Frames

Basic 5ft X 5ft Frame
Standard 5ft X 5ft Frame
Premium 5ft X 5ft Frame
5ft X 3ft Frame
5 x 6ft 4in Ladder Frame
5ft x 6ft 4in Walk-Through Frame
5ft x 6ft 6in Walk-Through Frame
5 x 6ft 6 in Walk-Through Frame with Built in Ladder
Baker's Narrow Ladder Frame


Internal Stairs, ladders, gates
Scaffolding Jacks
Scaffolding Caster Wheel
Scaffold Pins, Clips and Stack Pins
Scaffold Grouser Bar
Scaffolding Cross Brace
Scaffolding Side/End Bracket
Swivel Couple/Fixed Couple
Scaffold Base Plate
Scaffold Saddle Bracket
Hoist Arm Assembly

Safety Accessories

Scaffold Safety Rails, Poles, and Packages
Scaffold Deluxe Safety Packages, Panels, Rails, Toe Boards
Scaffold Safety Mid Post
Scaffold Safety End Panel
Mason's Safety Accessories
Scaffold Outrigger
Scaffold Tie Bar w/ Swivel Couple
Scaffold Safety Poles and Rails
Deluxe Double Safety Rail
Guard Rail Stanchion
BilJax Style Scaffolding Brace

Aluminum Scaffold Towers

Aluminum Scaffold Towers

Specialty Packages

2 x 3 Rolling/Stationary Tower
3 x 3 Mason's Walk-through Tower
2 x 2 Rolling Tower
2 x 2 Stationary Tower
3 x 3 Tower packages

Internal Stair Tower Packages

7ft, 14ft, 20ft & 27ft Scaffold Tower Packages with Internal Stairs

Narrow Frame Packages

7ft Deluxe narrow Tower
13ft Deluxe Narrow Bakers Rolling Tower
19ft Scaffold Narrow Tower
Narrow Safety Rail System

Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum Extrusions

Marine Products Division

Marine Products Main Page

Motor Boat Stands
Sail Boat Stands
Boat Stand Tops
Replacement Plywood for Boat Stands
Extra Large Foldable Sailboat Stands 8ft to 15ft
Keel Stands
Boat Tower Packages
Boat Scaffolding
Boat Ladders
Hurricane Cradles
Hot Dip Safety Chain
Wood Keel Blocks
Plastic Soft Gel Tops
Outboard Motor Rack
Boat Lift Trailer Removal System
Boat Dolly
Boat Rack
Wedge Stand
Stair Unit
Stern Drive Rack
Stern Drive Installation Jack
Sailboat Mast Dolly

Shopping/Grocery Carts Division

Specialty Items

Tent Dolly

Safety and Set Up

OSHA Safety Standards
Set Up Instructions

Aluminum Scaffolding

Single Wide Double Wide Work Platform
Horizontal &
Diagonal Brace
12' click your desired tower size for pricing 18'
23'   29'
Scaffold Special Applications
Easy Up
Stairwell Base
Easy-Up Base Misc. Parts


Looking for the best tower solution?   It’s probably aluminum.   The tradeoff is aluminum is more expensive than steel.   If you are looking for a rock solid solution at height then aluminum is your answer.    If you are looking for a light weight frame consider that a 5 ft 6 in aluminum scaffold  frame weighs about ˝ that of a steel scaffold frame.    17.5 lbs (Alum) vs 33 lbs (steel).   We have aluminum scaffold towers from 12 ft all the way up to 34 ft listed on the website.    In addition we can custom configure solutions that reach as high as 58 ft in a double wide configuration.    About low 30’s on the narrow span.    Braces snap into place and are rock solid.  Standing on these are like “standing on the ground at height”.    12 yr warranty on all cold formed joints.   Pattern match for Werner/Upright.    Available in 6 ft, 8 ft and 10 ft lengths.    Standard base frames are just a tad over 6 ft high.   Available upper frames are available in 4 ft, 5 ft 6 in, and 6 ft 9 in heights.    We recommend the 5 ft 6 in frame as the best all around for building your project and we have configured all the towers with this frame.    It’s easy and light to hoist up and install.   We double brace our higher narrow span towers (over 24 ft) for rigidity.   Each narrow tower comes with 1- 22 in wide walkboard with hatch but several are recommended to assist you when building upwards.   All Narrow/Single Span towers are configured with a walkboard with hatch.   Double span or wide towers include 1 walkboard with hatch and one solid walkboard.   

Options include all aluminum walk boards both solid and with a hatch.   Also collapsible base sets and stairways base sets.   Call us to discuss.    

    Your order may need to be built depending on stock  so check with us on time needed for this.  


Our Scaffold’s computer numeric controlled manufacturing process insures precise specifications on all frames and components. We use aircraft grade drawn aluminum tubing with solid castings on all frames. This combined with our exclusive hydraulically cold formed “Sure Grip” joint creates the strongest frame available (test results available upon request)

Our Aluminum Scaffold and components are manufactured to fit most competitive brands including Upright and Werner or can be manufactured to meet your own specifications. All Span Scaffolds meet or exceed the requirements of O.S.H.A. and A.N.S.I.

Our Span Scaffold in an Instant is the most versatile of all aluminum scaffolds that can be used in many applications including aircraft maintenance or used on stairways. Rolling Towers can be quickly and safely erected up to 44 feet with no tools required. Multiple spans can be combined to form complex multi-leveled stages and stands only limited by your imagination.

The Span Scaffold is available in single wide (29″) or double-wide (54″) and platform lengths of six, eight and ten feet.  Base sets offer 12″ of rapid adjustment and 5″ or 8″non-mark casters with exclusive “Positive Lock” and a knurled nut for fine leg adjustments.


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