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Standard 5ft X 5ft Frame
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Buy more for less. Our Hot dipped stands are the best made in the world and they are $30 to $50 less than the cheaper painted stands.

  • Unbeatable Price...Guaranteed. No middle man markup
  • Hot dipped GALVANIZED BASE…no blue paint that rusts
  • Exclusive Hot dipped GALVANIZED bare steel
  • Higher head to head load test than leading competitor
  • Solid Acme threaded rod...not hollow
  • 316 Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Brownell pattern match...same part number, mix & match ours & theirs
  • Certified...3rd party load tested

45% off retail (whole units only) for wholesale, yard, dealer, transporters, i.e.…..those in the "trade".
*Ask for details

We had 75 marinas (approximately 1 per day) switch during the peak haul out season Oct 1st to Dec 15th !

Free Stand Offer:
Our Extraordinary Offer for a FREE Sample Stand

We are so confident in our stands that we believe if you see one you too will switch. Give us a call and we’ll send you out one immediately (trade only). With us free means free. Sample is free. Freight is free (new customers only). Compare them side by side, detail by detail, point by point. I am confident that you will quickly see the superior quality with your own eyes. All for $30 to $50 less per stand.


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Boat Stand Tops
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Boat Ladders
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Hurricane Yacht Cradles
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Boat Tower Packages
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Find the Perfect Boat Stand for You

Use our simple program below to find the perfect boat stand for your needs.  First select your type of boat. Then simply put in four dimensions: length, beam, weight & displacement, and our program will tell you which stands are right for you. (Important Notice: This program will produce a rough estimate.  Use this program as a guide, however, before purchasing it is necessary for you to run the selection by your local yard that has, or will, be pulling your boat out of the water, to make sure the stand you purchase is the correct size.  We do not guarantee selections made by using this program, therefore, please speak to someone at your yard prior  to making the final purchase)

Choose your Boat Stand

Use our simple program and put in only 4 dimensions: length, beam, weight & displacement and our program will tell you which stands you need.

First Select Boat Type:

sailboat motorboat
Measuring Unit     FPS (US System)    MKS (Metric System)

Beam / Width






Same pattern/part number as Brownell Boat Stands

Our stands are Zinc Hot Dipped Base and a Zinc plated Top...we're the only one to do the top (as far as we know)

Expensive Zinc plating for less than their painted stands then we ship the same day (in stock)

Nest able/Stackable/Compatible with their product line


   Larger orders free freight into the port of your choice anywhere in the world

  No longer are you locked into Brownell Boat Stands to add to your stock to maintain your pattern match

   We use the same Brownell Boat Stands part number so you avoid confusion. No messy conversions or two different patterns on your yard with two different part numbers. It's easy to switch and so easy to order. Just order top right of this page and we'll ship right out.

  Our top is a top quality solid threaded shaft the same as Brownell Boat Stands...we've noticed some of the second tier manufactures use hollow shafts maybe to cut costs?

  We zinc galvanize our tops. All others that we are aware of do not.
(we could be wrong) Brownell's that we have owned were bare steel on top. Tops rust too just like the base

  Ultra precision square Acme thread...similar to Brownell...but it's our own precision thread developed from selling over 100,000 scaffold jacks all over the Northern Hemisphere and the Middle East. (spins for 4 to 10 seconds)...It took us 3 years to develop this...yeah we are slow with our development but fast with our shipping! It allows adjustment under load to be easy

  We use Scaffold quality steel...can anyone else say this?
Our scaffold sets routinely carry men over 100ft in the air and routinely are loaded with 1,00's of lbs of brick and block. We've sold 1'000's of sets without a failure. Our scaffold sets load test to 72,000 lbs and we use the same steel in out stands

  We don't cut corners...very similar tube thickness and overall diameter in all steel tubing

  We offer a Hot dipped base ONLY unlike our competitor's some of which use regular paint in the majority of their stands which rust much more  rapidly in a salt environment than hot dipped

   Just Unbeatable! 1-10,000...Mr. Boat Owner/ Dealers/ Marinas. It's time to call us and make the switch. The only difference you'll notice is how nice galvanized is...over time the lack of rust will really improve the longevity of your investment...and of course the incredible price

  Certified 3rd party published lab load test results coming shortly

  Free freight worldwide on larger orders...please call us

  Shipping truck times are 1-3 days East Coast, 2-4 days Midwest and 5-9 days West Coast. Ship out is same day if ordered before 12 for in stock product. If you need it really badly call us and we'll try to get it done quickly for you if it's after 12:00.

  Trust...for 8 years now we have shipped 2-4 full tractor trailer loads of scaffolding daily all over the USA, South America, the Caribbean and the Middle East...we have many repeat customers that trust our you can trust us...if there's a problem, we make it right!

  We sell our scaffolding to the Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA, Habitat, US Park Service, Martin Marietta, CSX, of the largest construction companies in the world and may other large enterprises...Oh!, and Tony Stewart (the Nascar Driver)...and trust me you don't want Tony mad at you! you can trust us to build high quality boat stands

  Boat Stands are very similar to scaffolding...the technology is the same...vertical load requirements are actually less for stands...and we know scaffolding.

  Give us a call and let's talk and maybe we can earn your business...after talking for a few minutes you'll realize we are people that you will like doing business with and can trust...we stand behind our products and when we give you our word you'll find you can count on it!

  Look at the testimonials at the top of the page to get a feel for how we do business!
Main Tube inside diameter measurement of bases are 38.36 mm.   Our stems on our tops are 36 mm or 1.417 inches outer diameter.   Length of stems:  Long 26 in.  Short 21 in.



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Hello.  My name is Grady Smith and a quick word about our marine products and their quality.    Our approach to this product line is simple.     We are boaters and scaffold guys (steel experts) and we built our marine product line from the ground up from scratch.  I put all my know how into building the best boat stand and marine products in the world.   That’s what made us highly successful with our scaffold line.    Why should you believe me?    Here’s why.    My  method is simple.   I buy every product out there and I evaluate and compare them all to death.   I have worn out a vernier caliper.  First I decide which design is the very best available, then choose it as my starting point.   It’s only the beginning start point.   I incorporate the best features  from the other products I have bought.   I make it completely compatible.    I eliminate every weak point like tapped steel screws that rust and pull out, rivets, cast adjustment nuts and poor coatings paint).  I increase thicknesses and thus load ratings.    We hot dip all our bases with zinc.    That’s high quality (HQ).  We never coat with paint.  (Low quality;  LQ)     We also upgrade our tops by fully hot dipping.  That’s HQ.   Bare steel is LQ.   We hot dip both the rod, the adjustment handle and the backing plate.  HQ.   Most others do not.  LQ.     We don’t use a cast nut (LQ) as it’s subject to break if hit hard or dropped on concrete….etc.       Nor do we offer hollow threaded rods LQ in our tops (to save money)…..only solid for strength.   We upgrade to HQ 316L stainless for our fasteners so you can get the thing apart for repair if ever needed.   We upgrade from threaded holes in the steel backing plate to drilling a hole in the steel, hot dip to protect it and using a 316L nylon backing nut (HQ).   This eliminates the common pull (LQ) through when rust sets in at the plate/screw joint.   Why buy a stand that has the exact same maintenance problems built the exact same way since the 1950’s……..?   They are good stands but very little has changed since the 50’s…….until now.    It costs us more $$ but all these details are why I can say with complete confidence we build a MUCH better stand.    And this eliminates typical maintenance dollars that yards spend constantly repairing.    I do all of this because I ran a string of rental stores and everything was always breaking.   So I learned to first buy a product that didn’t break like a Honda engine……..and secondly if it did it could be very easily repaired.   Make sense?    For an increased load rating we increase the size of the collar length on the nut of the adjustment handle that contacts the Acme thread by a full 50% from 1 in to 1.5 in.   We use more layers in our plywood which increases strength.  And we introduced a new better soft gel no scratch top that has unidirectional drainage for about ˝ the money.   We countersink our screws so they cannot contact gel coat or Awlgrip.   Our main stand tubes are thicker.   As a result our stands are stronger and last longer.   And we have the load tests to prove it.    And to top all this off…….we don’t use middlemen that add no value except markup to your final price……… we sell this completely superior product Direct to you.