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Boat/Pontoon/Jet Ski

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Scaffoldmart's Boat Dolly


Model M3500 Boat Dolly

Boat Dolly
3500 lbs capacity

Dimensions are 23.5 W x 39 L. Pad height adjustment 13 in to 18 in. Pad width adjustment either 31 in or 38 in.

Our regular duty boat dolly has all the same features as her heavy duty brother. Same hydraulically pressed V rib. Just a smaller pad and female holder assembly. We use a poly wood type of material for the pads which are non marring and do not require maintenance. Compare to a wood pad with carpet stapled around it… the carpet falls off, gets wet and the wood rots… All of that is eliminated with a Rubber pad head…

Model M6700 Boat Dolly

Boat Dolly
6700 lbs capacity

Our Heavy Duty boat dolly comes with high quality non-marking casters and non-marking poly pad heads. Most manufacturers cut the V rib is 2 or more pieces and splice them together by welding. We think that hydraulically forming the V rib where the bottom and the top are pressed into a shape that has a radius on both sides is just a higher quality way to do this. It's a much higher quality way to manufacture a dolly. So we took the time and expense to have the V ribs hydraulically pressed for strength and rigidity…..not welded like most. This means you have to have a mould made to do this which is initially quite expensive. But once it's done the V is actually cheaper to produce over the long run. Two adjustment positions for the pad head. This helps you be able to miss a strake.

Dimensions: 25.5 in W x 41 in L x 10 in H. Clearance is 3.5 in from top of carriage to lower “V” center. Pad is 12 in x 5.5 in x 1.5 in. Pad adjustment is 17 in to 25 in min to max height. Pad stem installed has 2 different widths. 29.5 in and 40 in.

Poly pad is the ultimate compared to wood with carpet………No Wood Rot EVER!





Pontoon Dolly

Dimensions: All Approximations

Total Weight: 52 lbs

Width: 22"

Length: 25"

Load capacity is 1600 lbs with a 2.5 to 1 Safety Ratio


Our Pontoon dollies have been designed to "stack" for reduced shipping charges.


Jet Ski Dolly

Dimensions: All Approximations

Total Weight: 73 lbs. (29 lb. base, 12 lb. bunks, 5 lb. wheels)

Width: 36"

Length: 48"

Bunk Length: 55"

Bunk Width: 4"

Protective Plastic Mount Thickness: 1”

Height of Jet Ski on Unit: 15"

Scaffoldmart's Jet Ski Dolly comes disassembled in seven pieces: a base (29 lbs.) , two bunks (12 lbs. each), and four wheels (five lbs. each); it weighs a total of 73 lbs. It features an approximately 1" thick protective plastic insert on its bunks for scratch resistance. The bunks can be adjusted from 6" close all the way out to 30" apart. Its bunks can turn to accommodate any angle (they can rest completely vertical in one direction and also around to completely vertical in the other). The frame of its base is 36"x48", meaning it can roll through a door as narrow as 36". Our dolly utilizes a hand tightened screw lock to secure the bunks the proper distance from one another with ease. The 6" casters turn 360 degrees effortlessly, making for great maneuverability under load. When resting on the bunks, a jet ski would be positioned approximately 15" off of the ground. All numbers are close approximations, stay tuned for load test results.




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