Budget Safety Rail Packages

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Scaffold Female Safety Poles fits #6 Tube

Our safety poles are made of steel then yellow Powdercoated. They are 1040mm h x 40mm x 2.3mm wall thickness. They have a gravity lock on the top that allows two braces to be attached for use in a linear fashion or at a 90-degree angle for corner applications. Two gravity locks are located midway at a 90-degree angle to facilitate the mid brace.

Net result is a very versatile pole allowing use in the middle or any corner. Braces attach at a knee height and waist height for safety.

Please note: These are safe at height but do wobble. Wobble at the top of the pole could be as much as 3-4 inches. The wobble is due to the clearance between the 2 stack pin ends... So if you think the wobble is a problem then please order the deluxe rail system... which is vastly more rigid.

Scaffold Male Safety Pole fits #6 Tube:

Use this pole for more sturdy rail package.


Male and Female Shipping

Six Pounds
Shipped UPS
Zip of origin 27834

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W Style Female Safety Pole

W Style Male Safety Pole

Scaffoldmart's Scaffolding Safety rail comes in 5ft, 7ft, and 10ft lengths.

These scaffold rails come with a hole-to-hole length of exactly 10ft, 7 ft or exactly 5 ft. They fit on our safety poles to keep you safe. Use them on the top of a platform or they will fit on the lower levels as well at knee and waist height depending upon the lock height on the frame you have or are going to buy...

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Scaffold Safety Packages:

ScaffoldMart makes it easy for you with the following safety packages:

Budget Safety Rail Package

for a 5 ft x 7 ft Crossbrace Setup

4 safety poles
4 5 ft single safety rails
4 7 ft single safety rails
4 pigtails


Budget Safety Rail Package

for a 5 ft x 10 ft Crossbrace Setup

4 safety poles
4 5 ft single safety rails
4 10 ft single safety rails
4 pigtails


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