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Scaffold Mart works hard to bring you the lowest prices in the scaffolding business. In fact, we check scaffolding prices weekly to ensure we have the best prices on the market for Scaffold.

We specialize in Scaffold

Scaffolding Products




BilJax Style Sets

BilJax Style Frames

Gadsden Style Frames

Safeway Style Frames

Waco Style Frames

Veneer/Pedestal/Judy Jack

Multifunction Scaffolding


Most Popular Packages


5' Tower Packages

11' Tower Packages

14' Tower Packages
14' & 20' Tower Packages with Internal Stairs

16' Tower Packages

20' Tower Packages

26' Tower Packages

30' Tower Packages

34' Tower Packages

3 x 3 Tower Packages


Aluminum Scaffold Towers


Aluminum Scaffold Towers


Specialty Packages


2 x 3 Rolling/Stationary Tower

3 x 3Mason's Walkthrough Tower

2 x 2 Rolling Tower

2 x 2 Stationary Tower

3 x 3  Tower packages


Internal Stair Tower Packages


7, 14, 20 & 27ft.

Scaffold Tower Packages with Internal Stairs


Narrow Frame Packages


7' Deluxe narrow Tower

13' Deluxe Narrow Bakers Rolling Tower

19' Scaffold Narrow Tower

Narrow Safety Rail System

Aluminum Extrusions


Aluminum Extrusions -New!


Walk Boards-OSHA Plank 


7ft/10ft All Aluminum Walk Board (Best)

7ft/10ft Aluminum/Plywood Walk Board (Better)

DI-65 Solid Wood Planks


Complete Sets


BJ-Style 5' x 3' Scaffold Set

BJ-Style 5' x 5' Scaffold Set

BJ-Style 6.4' x 5' Scaffold Set Walk thru

BJ-Style 5x6.4' in Walkthrough Set with built in ladder

BJ-Style 6.4'X5 Ladder Style

BJ-Style Narrow Baker's Scaffold Set




BJ-Style 5 X 5 Frame

BJ-Style 5 x 6ft4in Walkthrough Frame

BJ-Style 5 x 6ft4 in  Walkthrough Frame with built in ladder

BJ-Style 5 x 6ft4in Ladder Frame

BJ-Style28" x 6'  Bakers" Narrow Ladder Frame

BJ-Style 5x3 Ladder Frame

BJ-Style Scaffolding Brace


System Scaffolding


ScaffoldMart's System Scaffolding




Internal Stairs, ladders, gates

Scaffolding Jacks

Scaffolding Caster Wheel

Scaffold Pins, Clips and Stack Pins
Scaffold Grouser Bar

Scaffolding Brace

Scaffolding Side/End Bracket

Swivel Couple/Fixed Couple

Scaffold Base Plate

5' Deluxe Safety Panel

Scaffold Saddle Bracket
Hoist Arm Assembly


Safety Accessories


Scaffold Safety Rails, Poles, and Packages
Scaffold Deluxe Safety Packages, Panels, Rails, Toe Boards

Scaffold Safety Mid Post

Scaffold Safety End Panel

Mason's Safety Accessories

Scaffold Outrigger

Scaffold Tie Bar w/ Swivel Couple

Scaffold Safety Poles and Rails

Deluxe Double Safety Rail

Guard Rail Stanchion

BJ-Style Scaffolding Brace


Shoring Post

Shoring Posts-New!


Marine Products Division

Marine Products Main Page


Motor Boat Stands
Sail Boat Stands

Boat Stand Tops
Replacement Plywood for Boat Stands

Extra Large Foldable Sailboat Stands 8 to 15 ft
Keel Stands
Boat Tower Packages
Boat Scaffolding  

Boat Ladders

Hurricane Cradles
Hot Dip Safety Chain

Wood Keel Blocks
Plastic Soft Gel Tops
Outboard Motor Rack

Boat Lift Trailer Removal System
Boat Dolly
Boat Rack
Wedge Stand

Boat/Yacht Stair Unit
Stern Drive Rack
Stern Drive Installation Jack
Sailboat Mast Dolly

Shopping/Grocery Carts Division


Specialty Items

4x4 Staging
Tent Dolly


Safety and Set Up


OSHA Safety Standards
Set Up Instructions


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ScaffoldMart Products and Packages:




Most Popular Packages

5' Set 5' Tower Packages 11' Tower Package

14'Tower Package

16' Tower Package
3 sets of 5' x 5' ladder scaffolding

20' Tower Package


26' Tower Package

30ft Stationary Scaffolding
Tower Package

34ft Stationary Scaffolding
Tower Package


Specialty Packages

 2 x 3 Rolling Scaffolding Tower
...or 2 separate rolling towers, or 1 26' towe
 Mason's Walkthrough Scaffolding Tower
19.5' high tower
 2 x 2 Rolling Scaffold Tower Package
...or 20' rolling tower
2 x 2 Scaffolding Tower Package
10' standing height, 5' wide, 14' long
    3 x 3 Scaffolding Tower Package
Our 15-foot scaffolding tower, at a great price!
Narrow Frame Packages

7ft Deluxe Narrow Tower
A specialty tower for small, hard-to-fit, narrow areas

13 ft Deluxe Narrow (Baker's) Rolling Tower
A specialty tower for hard-to-fit, narrow areas

19ft Deluxe Narrow Tower
Originally $1171



Multifunction Scaffolding
Sets and Packages

Narrow Tower's Deluxe Safety Rail System



All Aluminum Board
(The Best )
7ft and 10 ft


7ft and 10ft



DI 65 Plank
8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 16ft

Solid Steel 7 ft.

Extra Wide
Scaffold 7ft Walkboard
Solid steel walkboard made specifically for use with Narrow Frame Set


Sets and Frames

 5' x 5' Scaffold Set

6' 6" x 5' Scaffold Set

6' 6" x 5' Ladder Style Scaffold Set


5' x 5' Scaffold Frame

6.6' x 5' Scaffold Frame

6' 6" x 5' Ladder Style Scaffold Frame


Narrow (Baker's) Scaffold Set

5' X 3' Scaffold Set

5' x 6'6" Walkthru Set
w/ built in ladder


Narrow (Baker's) Frame 5' x 3' Frame 5' x 6'6" Walkthru Frame
w/ built in ladder


Scaffolding Caster Jack
18" of adjustment
(price does not
include wheel)

Scaffolding Level Jacks
Solid steel jacks, 18" of adjustment, 24" total
Scaffold Side Bracket
The industry standard 20-inch fixed scaffold bracket.
Scaffolding Wheel
Heavy duty wheels at a phenomenal price
Scaffolding Brace
Center riveted and fully galvanized


Scaffold Hoist Arm Assembly


7ft Grouser Bar

Scaffold Forged Swivel Clamp

Scaffold Heavy Duty

Saddle Bracket


Swing Gates

Internal Stairs

Clips, Pins
and Stack Pins


Safety Accessories

Click Here for Example Configurations


Safety Mid Post
Use when the length of a tower is more than 7 total feet or longer than one set
Tie Bar w/ Swivel Couple Outrigger
30 inches

Safety Poles, Rails, and Packages

Mason's Safety Accessories

Deluxe Safety Packages, Panels, Rails, Toe Boards


Trowel Blades

36 and 48 inch
Trowel Blades

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