Scaffolding Load Testing & Certification

Our scaffolding products are load tested by a third-party laboratory,Stork Materials Technology's Southwestern Laboratories, in Houston, TX.

We've provided copies of our load-test certificates below.

Scaffold Load Testing Results

Compressive Load Testing and Tensile Testing for Scaffolding Screw Jacks, Swivel Jacks, Scaffolding Walkboards, Scaffolding Wheels, and Scaffold Side Brackets

10' Aluminum/Plywood Walkboard


10' All Aluminum Walkboard 


8" Scaffolding Caster Wheel - Cast Iron


7' Aluminumm/Plywood Scaffolding Walkboard


7' Aluminum Walkboard


Clip-On Side Bracket


Saddle Side Bracket


Scaffolding Level Jack


Scaffolding Swivel Jack


Swivel Coupler







K3 Keel Stand


51" Bow Rack


28" Bow Rack


16" Bow Rack


55" Stern Rack


31.5" Stern Rack


20" Stern Rack


M3500 Boat Dolly


HD Pontoon Dolly


Pontoon Dolly (Regular Duty) 


Technical Drawings


S-Style 5' X 5' Ladder Frame


S-Style 5' X 6'4" Walkthru Frame


S-Style 42" X 6'4" Walkthru Frame


S-Style 36" X 6'4" Walkthru Frame


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