Hoist Arm Assembly

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Our hoist arm assembly attaches to the top of a frame by sliding down over a stack pin and a lower brace assembly fitting snuggly up with a horseshoe pin assembly. That’s a tongue twister no? It’s hard to explain but the assembly attaches down below the stack pin area and adds support at 2 different load points. Simply pin or clip the bottom and unit is ready to use. Unit includes safety rail studs to attach safety rails. Mid section of arm assembly has angle iron brace reinforcement. 360 degree pivot of top swing arm. Max capacity 100 lbs. This unit is for material use only. Never lift personnel with it. Cordon off below when unit is in use to prevent injury or death. Pulley has a rope guide to prevent rope from coming off groove in wheel. Pulley is cast iron and swivel hook has safety lock to keep wheel attached to swing arm. Throw of the arm is approximately 19 inches. Diameter of the pulley wheel is 13 inches.

Hoist Arm Assembly is not compatible with the deluxe rail package. It can be incorporated with the budget set up only.

Hoist Arm (2 piece unit including support post and swing arm)
Pulley Wheel

Needed Accessory:

Please remember that installing a Hoist Arm/Pulley Assembly can alter the center of gravity or your scaffold or tower. To avoid a topple condition we highly recommend that you always install tie bars when using a Hoist Assembly.