Base Plate

We only carry a base plate for a 1.375" OD (#6) tube. You can enter your desired quantity in the table below and select "Add to cart," or you can click the following link to visit the base plate ptroduct page where there are more pictures and more specific technical details.


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  • $8.49's Scaffolding Base Plate

Use this under your frame for a solid firm foundation when on a level surface. Our base plate has a hole at 2.5 inches to accept most types of scaffolding. Can be used in conjunction with a caster jack which allows maximum versatility. You can order the caster jack for use with casters or take the caster out and use the base plate to form a level jack for a stationary application. ScaffoldMart base plates come galvanized and weigh 1.5 pounds each. For use with #6 (1.375" OD) tube size only.

Grady Smith