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Our swivel jack only comes in one size, and its a size 1.375" OD (#6 tube). Here you'll find general information on the jack, and if you're ready you can enter your desired quantity in the table and hit "Add to cart." For more specific technical data click it's name in the table below to visit the swivel jack product page, where you can also add to cart via a similar table.

Our swivel jack is a solid-steel 24" threaded rod welded to a huge T. Recievers welded to base plate accept the T on the end of the threaded rod, allowing base plate to swivel. This allows for individual adjustment of each leg and on surfaces with too high a degree of incline for a level jack.
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Our swivel jack has a giant “T” on the bottom thats welded to the acme threaded stem. This vastly increases the load capacity as compared to swivel jacks that use two tabs and a bolt. Thread is a square acme thread and is very precise. Nut can be spun and will spin for several revolutions due to accurate mating surfaces. Giant 9 inch cast iron nut. Lower plate has holes for screw/nail or however you prefer to secure. Galvanized.

Grady Smith

CEO, ScaffoldMart.com