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BJ Style Rental Duty 5' X 5' Ladder Set w/ 10' Braces

Matches and stacks with BilJax pattern scaffolding.


  • (2) Rental-Duty 5' X 5' Scaffolding Frames
  • (2) 10' Scaffolding Cross Braces
  • (4) Galvanized Stack Pins
  • (4) Zinc Plated Spring Rivets

NEW: Rental-Duty Frame with 90K lb Load Capacity. 50% Stronger!


In stock (992 items available)
  • $126.80

Our new Rental-Duty frame has a capacity of 90,000 lb. Compared to the average 60K frame available on the market that's a 50% increase in strength. This frame features premium galvanized c-lock with galvanized washers and stainless steel roll pins for corrosion resistance. Sets come with galvanized cross braces, coated inside and out for maximum protection.

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