Free Sample Stand Offer

Our extraordinary offer for a FREE sample stand.


We are so confident in our stands that we believe if you see one you too will switch. Give us a call and we'll send you one immediately (trade only). With us free means free. Sample is free. Freight is free (new customers only). Compare them side by side, detail by detail, point by point. I am confident that you will quickly see the superior quality with your own eyes. All for $30 to $50 less per stand.


Galvanized Boat Stands for Sale

Buy more for less. Our hot-dipped stands are the best made in the world and they are $30 to $100 less than the cheaper painted stands.

  • Unbeatable Price Guaranteed, no middle man markup
  • Hot-dipped galvanized base, no blue paint that flakes and rusts
  • Exclusive hot-dipped GALVANIZED TOP, no bare steel
  • Higher head to head load test than leading competitor
  • Solid Acme threaded rod... solid steel and not hollow
  • 316-L Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Brownell pattern match, same part number, mix and match ours and theirs, they nest
  • Certified 3rd party load test