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Why MarineMart?

  • The lowest price for the strongest, longest lasting boat stand.
  • Hot dipped galvanized base resists rust for a long, long time. Much longer than a painted stand.
  • Hot dipped galvanized top... no bare steel that rusts in days.
  • Solid Acme threaded rod... not hollow, for a higher load capacity.
  • 316 stainless steel hardware, through-bolted to plywood. No screws that strip.
  • Brownell pattern match... nearly identical part number, mix and match ours and theirs for a seamless transition.
  • Certified third party load tested... we've been in load-bearing steel for years.

Free Stand Offer:

Our Extraordinary Offer for a FREE Sample Stand

We are so confident in our stands that we believe if you see one you too will switch. Give us a call and we’ll send you out one immediately (trade only). With us free means free. Sample is free. Freight is free (new customers only). Compare them side by side, detail by detail, point by point. I am confident that you will quickly see the superior quality with your own eyes. All for $30 to $50 less per stand.

Boat Stands? Yep, Scaffoldmart now manufactures Boat or Yacht Stands for Motorboats or Sailboats. Getting straight to the point, our pattern matches the industry leader at about 60% less money. Same high quality, exact same pattern, same part number for yards or marinas that already have stock and are used to the MB-0 or SB-3.

We are boaters ourselves and have had some big old hair pulling projects. Upon trying to locate a set locally we discovered the local yards wanted an arm and a leg for a set of old used rusty stands. It was unbelievable that they wanted $160 each for 6 stands which totaled $960.

I looked in disbelief at them as I know what we sell our famous scaffold sets for daily! We looked at them and thou

Yet they are basically the same as our scaffold frames.


The Scaffoldmart's Boat Stands were born. Now, we appreciate a high quality stand, but that was just too much. So we took a look and did a little figuring and decided we could offer the same high product quality for roughly 60% less.

We have tried to offer the exact same pattern in the point you cannot tell them apart.Marinas have lots of stock and you definitely want to match your pattern. A marina/yard doesn't have the time to find 4 of the same pattern and now you can save HUGE and get the exact same pattern. So it doesn't matter if you have 2 of our MB-2 and 2 of your old stock. They are same height. We do this daily as we are experts at it with many scaffold patterns.

You have stock and want to add to your pattern but you are locked into buying from the OEM source and of course paying way too much to maintain that match.

Now you have a choice.

We equip each stand with an orange plywood top just like the original, a fully hot dipped zinc base vs blue paint, fully coated inside and outside, a cold galvanized top as opposed to the original which is just bare steel and heavily greased... and I can tell you ... very messy! Every time you try to adjust the height your hands get grease all over them.

Cold galvanizing is a better choice for bare steel as opposed to hot dipping ... as it doesn't overly coat our SOLID ultra precision Acme threads so the nut "fits" and is easy to turn. It will spin 4-10 secs in your hand. We used a high precision Acme thread to achieve this. Back to cold galvanized. What it does do is it stops rust for a long time. What you get with this is no coating on the top.

After doing a bit of reading we discovered that the original is vat dipped in paint in a basket then spun to remove excess paint? Is to thin down the coat and save paint. Don't hold us to that but we think that's accurate.

Paint dipped is nice and coats the inside which is just as important as the outside but since many yards/marinas/customers are located near salt water it only made sense to us to do our base in Hot Dipped Galvanized only. I don't want to buy a painted blue base for myself and figured you wouldn't either if you could get hot dipped for a reasonable price. That means dropping the base into a vat of very hot molten zinc. The zinc bonds to the steel and sacrifices itself protecting the steel.

This Means no more Rust. We won't offer the base with blue paint. They just rust too quickly. So we are offering our stands with a hot dipped base for less than their painted base. Plus a galvanized top. Theirs is bare steel!