Boat Rack System

Scaffoldmart's boat rack system is designed to secure vessels in the air for maintenance or repair. With larger boats, use additional boat stands for increased stability.


We offer three variations of our boat rack system, for practical purposes we'll refer to them as the small set, the medium set, and the large set.


Our boat-rack system consists of stern rack and a bow rack. The stern of the vessel rests on the stern rack nestled between the two heads, on thick plastic inserts to resist damage, with the keel between them. Our bow rack, on which the keel rests, is positioned towards the front of the boat, and is topped with carpet for damage resistance. Add additional boat stands when necessary for additional security, especially with larger boats.

Items: 16 of 6, per page

Small Set

Stern Rack (63 lbs.) - 20" H x 41" W

Bow Rack (42 lbs.) - 16" H x 24" W

Medium Set:

Stern Rack (79 lbs.) -32" H x 41" W

Bow Rack (65 lbs.) - 28" H x 24" W

Large Set:

Stern Rack (122 lbs.) - 54" H x 41" W

Bow Rack (123 lbs.) - 51" H x 34" W