Boat Dolly - 6700 lbs. Capacity


  • (1) 6700 lb. Boat Dolly w/ Heavy Duty Casters


  • $449.36

Our Heavy-Duty Boat Dolly comes with high quality non-marking casters and non-marking rubber heads. Most manufacturers cut and weld a v-rib in two or more pieces and splice them together by welding. We think that hydraulically forming the  v-rib where the bottom and the top are pressed into a shape that has a radius on both sides is just a higher quality way to do this. It's a much higher quality way to manufacture a dolly. So we took the time and expense to have the v-ribs hydraulically pressed for strength and rigidity, not welded like most. This means you have to have a mold made to do this which is initially quite expensive, but once it's done the frame is actually cheaper to produce over the long run. Two adjustment positions for the pad head, this helps you be able to miss a strake.

Grady Smith, CEO (MarineMart)

    • Weight
      130.0000 lbs
    • SKU
  • Freight Class
  • Frame Dimensions
    25.5" L X 41" W X 10" H
  • Pad Height Range
  • Width Configurations (Between Pads)
    29.5", 40"
  • Pad Dimensions
    12" X 5.5" X 1.5"