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Need to know info: We have redesigned our bolt pattern to match Brownell's due to the large worldwide installed base. Now our pattern matches their pattern so you can save some serious money. We are in the process of switching over our plywood top pattern to this new bolt pattern but still have some old stock. As a result if you purchase this Soft Gel top you will need to bolt it up on one side. If the other side matches just install bolt and you are done. If not you will need to drill one simple hole which only takes a few seconds……..


Scaffoldmart is introducing at the IMBC show our new Soft Gel no scratch top. We will have an eye popping offer for our stands and this top at this show so you dont want to miss it. This top is a replacement for plywood. In an effort to improve a long standing problem in the boating industry Scaffoldmart has designed a superior plastic top which now makes our stands virtually maintenance free. Imagine a low/no maintenance boat stand. No more replacing rotted plywood. No more screws pulling out of the steel backing plate. Why? Because we use stainless steel screws and stainless steel nylon backing lock nuts instead of the cheaper method of drilling and tapping the steel plate which rusts and the screw threads strip under the slightest pressure after rust has begun. Notice we don't take shortcuts. All our top hardware is robust 316L high grade stainless steel. You can expect this top to eliminate the dreaded carpet problem. When scratching is an issue… most yards use a piece of carpet between the plywood and the hull. It rains and now the carpet is wet holding water for a long time. Over time this wet carpet next to the hull can cause fading or a water mark that can't be buffed or gotten out… or in the worse case blistering. The carpet also rots the plywood. Our Soft Gel Plastic top fixes all of this. Instead of $46 for this top… it's only a fraction of that cost. The backing plate is a very rigid hard plastic that serves to hold the softer translucent and flexible blue upper plastic layer that contacts the hull. Our unique design corrects a defect in the market where longitudinal ribs if installed against the boat horizontally will actually hold water. Our unique design allows you in install the top at any angle and still have water drainage in any direction. Our compound is slightly harder to lessen compressibility as well. Our square contact patches have a scalloped center for a cupped contact at the edge all the way around the square contact patch.

No/Low maintenance

No rot

No fading the hull (or vastly decreased chances of this happening)

No blistering the hull (or vastly decreased chances of this happening)

Forget carpet forever

No labor for drilling and replacing the plywood when it falls off when put in a bind with a lift strake where the plywood doesn't seat perfectly against the hull

Full 316L Stainless steel fasteners

UV stabilizers

We make the best boat stands on the planet. Stronger. Less money. Hot dipped base. Hot dipped tops. 316L stainless hardware. Modular construction without rivets so you can fix a damaged part. No rivets. No steel fasteners. No bare steel parts. Plastic Soft Gel top. And we will be introducing a new HD line of even stronger stands at the show. Stop by our booth and see why you need to make the switch. Lastly no middleman. Do you really like paying distributor markup?

How would you like to buy a stand and 3 years later you can barely see any rust on it anywhere if at all? You haven't spent 1 min on maintenance. Or you really have to look very hard to see if it's the stand you got last month or 3 yrs ago. I know the answer…