Multifunction/Baker Scaffolding's Narrow Frame Scaffolding


You have two choices of narrow-frame scaffolding at Narrow Baker Scaffolding or Multifunction


Narrow Baker Scaffolding

This frame is one of our ScaffoldMart scaffolding frame pattern that matches BJ style frames. This pattern is 6' tall and 26.5" wide, making it ideal for squeezing into tight spaces. Baker scaffolding is available for purchase as individual frames, sets, or complete narrow scaffolding towers. If you’re working in small areas, you should give baker scaffolds a second look. We have it for sale at ScaffoldMart, and our products aim to exceed the standards set by OSHA.


 Multifunction Scaffolding

Available for purchase in complete 6' units, or as a 6', 12', or 18' tower complete with safety rails and additional accessories.


Choose either Multifunction or Baker scaffolding above and you'll be directed to a page with more detailed information on your selection.