14' Super Deluxe Rolling Tower w/ Internal Stairs


  • (4) 6'6" x 5' Premium Walkthrough Frames
  • (8) Galvanized Stack Pins
  • (8) Zinc-Plated Spring Rivets
  • (8) 7' x 27.75" Galvanized Cross Braces
  • (1) 5' Guard Rail Panel 
  • (2) 7' Toe Boards
  • (2) 5' Deluxe Safety End Panels w/ Safety Chains & Toe Boards
  • (2) 7' Double Safety Rails
  • (4) Caster Jacks
  • (4) 8" Cast-Iron Wheels
  • (1) Grouser Bar
  • (2) Internal Stair Units
  • (2) Long Stair Unit Handrails
  • (2) Short Stair Unit Handrails
  • (1) 28" Wide Aluminum/Plywood Walkboard
  • (1) Start Bar
  • (1) Ledger Bar
  • (2) Female Safety Poles
  • (2) 5' Safety Rails
  • (8) Internal Stair Clamps
  • (14) Pig Tails
  • (8) Span Pins
  • (2) Toggle Pins


  • $1397.96

Grady Smith on this product:

In two words: ROCK SOLID. This package includes all of the above, but we add extra bracing as seen in the pics. a note, most of our Super Deluxe packages come with all alum boards but not this package as it has a special custom built extra-wide aluminum/plywood walkboard. Each set has four braces instead of two. Rarely will you see this with a scaffold package but it adds extra rigidity. In addition we have invented a special drop forged clamp that allows you to clamp the stair to the tower. The bottom stair clamps to the start bar and then to the frame as you go up. The net effect of this is the stair is basically welded to the tower frames as they are bolted in rock solid such that there is literally zero movement. The same as if welded. It's like you welded a big diagonal tube to the tower further increasing the towers rigidity. We came up with this idea after attending many trade shows. We would have this package in the booth and anyone that we'd take up would have the stair move sideways a bit and bounce up and down on the end hooks just a little. I personally hated this and spent almost a year scratching my head until the proverbial light bulb went off. Now when you walk up it's absolutely without movement and rock solid. Now I love taking friends up this tower. If you want a tower that is head and shoulders above any other then this is the one for you. Excellent applications are semi-permanent positioning for coaching where the coach is up there every day (cheerleading or football), and where you need to be above the field to view the play or cheerleading or band production movements. It's so solid you'll forget you are in the air.

Super Deluxe Extras:

  • (4) Extra galvanized cross braces for added rigidity
  • (2) 7' Toe Boards for added security
  • (8) Internal Stair Clamps for the ultimate in stair unit rigidity

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