Scaffolding Load Testing & Certification

Our scaffolding products are load tested by a third-party laboratory,Stork Materials Technology's Southwestern Laboratories, in Houston, TX.

We've provided copies of our load-test certificates below.

Scaffold Load Testing Results

Compressive Load Testing and Tensile Testing for Scaffolding Screw Jacks, Swivel Jacks, Scaffolding Walkboards, Scaffolding Wheels, and Scaffold Side Brackets

10' Aluminum/Plywood Walkboard


10' All Aluminum Walkboard 


8" Scaffolding Caster Wheel - Cast Iron


7' Aluminumm/Plywood Scaffolding Walkboard


7' Aluminum Walkboard


Clip-On Side Bracket


Saddle Side Bracket


Side Bracket


Scaffolding Level Jack




HD Pontoon Dolly


Pontoon Dolly (Regular Duty) 


Technical Drawings


S-Style 5' X 5' Ladder Frame


S-Style 5' X 6'4" Walkthru Frame


S-Style 42" X 6'4" Walkthru Frame


S-Style 36" X 6'4" Walkthru Frame


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