Create an unimpeded walkway along entire length of a structure. Allow passage under and through frames, between sets without stepping over or ducking under steel beams.

All of our frames feature the following:

Cope welds as opposed to pinch welds, for increased strength and durability.


AkzoNobel powdercoat for a durable finish in high visibility yellow for safety.


Slag-less tube design for tighter tolerances and increased rigidity.


Increased lock tab lengths to decrease likelihood of accidental disconnect


Items: 15 of 5, per page

Walkthrough frames are used to create an unimpeded walkway along the entire length of a structure and at intermidate levels of a scaffold configuration. At 6'4", a man of average height has no threat of bumping his head as he passes underneath these frames. Other than the main horizontal support at the top, there are no additional horizontal beams to impede transition between sets.


These frames are compatible with their counterparts on the Safway line. You'll find all the blue walkthrough frames we carry are 6'4" tall, because this is the most common height in the pattern. We carry 5', 36" and 42" wide walkthrough frames in this pattern.


Also available is a walkthrough with ladder frame. These are the heaviest, most versatile, most expensive frames we offer. You get the best of both worlds, the ability to walk between sets unimpeded and a ladder to climb on the outside of the scaffold.