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Walkthrough frames are used to create an unimpeded walkway along the entire length of a structure and at intermidate levels of a scaffold configuration. At 6'6" and 6'4", a man of average height has no threat of bumping his head as he passes underneath these frames. Other than the main horizontal support at the top, there are no additional horizontal beams to impede transition between sets.


Our most popular walkthrough frame is our 5' X 6'6" unit. This frame will interchange with BilJax's most common 6'6" walkthrough frames. It features our premium galvanized c-locks with galvanized washers and stainless steel roll pins.


We also carry an alternate version of the 5' X 6'6" walkthrough frame that is not compatible with the BilJax model. If you purchased your walkthrough frames from us in the past and want to make sure the products match, give us a call and we'll help you measure to verify.

There is also a 6'4" model we stock. It's two inches shorter than the 6'6" frame and utilizes a gravity flip lock as opposed to premium c-lock. It also utilizes a 4' cross brace lock spacing as opposed to 27.75".
Finally, there is the walkthrough with ladder frame. This is the heaviest, most expensive, most versatile frame we offer. It combines the best features of a ladder frame with those of a walkthrough frame. There is space to pass under and through this frame, and a built in ladder to allow one to climb the outside.