Chimney Scaffolding

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Scaffoldmart has engineered chimney scaffolding similar to the leading design in the industry, but as usual we built our unit with some advantageous upgrades. Our peak hooks are 3 mm instead of 2 mm for an increased load safety factor. Designed to handle 1,750 lb at a 45 degree angle but with an increased safety load factor.    Instead of pins we are using bolts with nylon locking nuts. We prefer 2" x 10" as opposed to 2" x 8" for stability and we have it in stock if you need a couple of pieces. Our unit is also built with additional adjustment holes in the chimney frame for more options of angle adjustment.


We carry the frames and walkboards needed as well as all safety items to make a safe and secure installation. Span between  is 7' which allows use of standard 7' walkboards and safety rails. We can at your request upgrade the brace to a 10' span if you wish. All that is required is a swap out of the 7' x 4' cross brace to a 10' x 4' brace. There is an upcharge of $10 to swap this brace.


HD Roof Peak Hooks


Our heavy duty Roof Peak Hooks offer an adjustment range of approximately 4:12 to 12:12 or 18.4 degrees to 45 degrees. We have drilled additional holes for increased adjustment range. Industry standard is 14 gauge. Ours are 8 gauge. Or to put it another way, the thickness of the industry standard is 1.6 mm, our Roof Peak Hooks are 3.1 mm. 50% thicker. Compare the weight differential: 21 lb for their pair vs 34 lb for our pair.    Hugely overbuilt, the way we build everything. So when you install it you know it's going to stay together. They come reversed for compact shipping. When you receive them please reverse them so the face of the metal adjoins the lumber on both sides.