14' Internal Stair Tower

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Budget VS Deluxe VS Super Deluxe Stationary


The differences between these three variations of internal stair tower are different from the differences between the variations of our Most Popular Tower Packages.


All stationary internal stair towers come equipped with  level jacks. This is necesarry because of the placement of the start bar. They also come equipped with a custom 28" wide aluminum/plywood walkboard, there is no all-aluminum upgrade for our wide walkboards.


Budget internal stair towers include our budget safety rail system.

Deluxe internal stair towers feature our upgraded Deluxe Safety Rail System

Super-Deluxe internal stair towers are also equipped with our Deluxe Safety Rail System, however they include 7' toe boards. Additionally, super-deluxe internal stair towers are double-braced and feature our patented internal stair clamps. This system is the ultimate in rigidity.