Narrow Baker Towers's Narrow Bakers Scaffolding Towers


Our Narrow Bakers Scaffolding tower packages consist of single-set-wide scaffolding towers built exclusively out of our Narrow Bakers Frame, available in the heights listed above.


Each height is available in either rolling or stationary variations.


There are Budget, Deluxe, and Super-Deluxe packages for every variation of each tower.


By single set wide, we mean to say that the tower is configured of scaffolding sets (two frames, two braces, four stackpins) stacked atop one another to reach a given height. In combination with the proper accessories, these stacked sets make up our scaffolding towers.


Items: 13 of 3, per page

A NOTE CONCERNING SCAFFOLDMART.COM'S BAKER SCAFFOLDING TOWERS does not carry a 20" safety rail, the only safety barrier we carry that functions with our Narrow Bakers frame is our end-panel designed specifically for that frame. For this reason, our Narrow Bakers towers are only available in the Deluxe package.

*If you would like to swap the aluminum/plywood walkboards that come with our Deluxe package for all aluminum walkboards, just let your salesman know, he wil make it happen for you.