6' Multifunction Scaffolding Unit


  • (2) Multifunction End Frames
  • (2) Multifuction Side Rails
  • (1) Multifunction Platform
  • (4) 5" Locking Multifunction Casters
  • (4) Toggle Pins
  • (4) Span Pins
  • (1) Mind-blowing Load Capacity (No Extra Charge)


  • $226.80

We have worked hard to bring high quality to our Multifunction Scaffolding. We studied the best designs out there and then took the best features from each and we think this has elevated our unit to the next level versus the commonly distributed products available. Notice when comparing… nobody else has anything to say when describing their unit. It’s because they didn’t design it nor took the time to engineer it to be the absolute best it could be given the price point we are selling at… which is the lowest in the nation. They are reselling somebody else's unit. Our unit is 6’ tall x 6’ long and 29” total width, which is “standard industry sizing.” This size easily goes from room to room through most standard sized 32”-33” doors. Our unit is simple and comes in five basic pieces. Two end frames, two side rails and one wood platform. Also included are four toggle pins, four span pins and four 5" casters. It can be easily transported in a truck or van or brought out of storage and assembled in about 4-5 minutes once you get the hang of it. Unit has a single pin lock and an extra safety hole for a positive lock just below the main lock as a double backup for the ultimate in safety.

Walkboards seemed to be a weak point in our sample units after simply walking on them. We decided to add two extra steel ribs underneath the wood, giving our unit four instead of the more common two ribs. This gives a completely solid feel to our board with no squishy feeling. It’s a really solid feeling now versus putting your foot in the middle and the plywood giving ½ to ¾ of an inch and thus it’s what sets our unit apart from lesser quality units. We also use angle iron for each rib instead of flat bar unlike some others. Our units are rated with a 4:1 safety factor and have a max load capacity of 6,025lbs.


Please note when stacking these units that the caster is included with each unit and is removed from the top unit and used on the outriggers.

ScaffoldMart’s multifunction scaffolding unit uses only hard chrome plated pins, springs and drive pins for rust resistance. Your wide range of colors is either hi-visibility yellow powder coat or hi-visibility yellow powder coat. So we have a wide selection of colors to choose from…

Some don’t realize that this unit can be used on steps. One side can be adjusted to a different height than the opposite side and therefore you can adjust it to fit on a stair steps.

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