The deluxe configurations provide added peace of mind at height. Jack mechanisms allow one to fine tune the tower so that it's completley level, even over uneven surfaces. Our deluxe safety configuration provides a more rigid barrier. It's a four piece unit featuring quite a few more welds than the budget setup, which clips together in many places. For example, instead of two individual 7' safety rails it features one 7' double safety rail, which is also two 7' singles but welded together by two ribs, creating a one piece unit.

Remember, compare apples to apples. You may find this tower to be priced higher than competitors towers at the same height, but those towers are comparable to our budget towers. Althought even with the upgraded features, you may find that this tower is priced lower here than competitor's towers comparable to our budget setup.

These towers are designed to be a turn key solution, with everything you need to be compliant with federal regulations and work safely at your target height.


*ScaffoldMart is not repsonsible for compliance on your jobsite, and you should always check with your most local authorities to verify you are compliant.