Super Deluxe

ScaffoldMart Super Deluxe Tower Packages Feature:


Frames are AkzoNobel powdercoated and cope welded, for strength and durability


Upgrade to premium 5' X 5' frames, featuring our galvanized c-lock featuring a galvanized washer and stainless steel roll pin


Cross brace tubes hot dipped prior to manufacture, galvanizing the entire tube inside and out


Full 5' x 7' platform, constituted by three of our light-but-strong all aluminum walkboards


Deluxe safety configuration to keep you safe and up to code, featuring deluxe safety panels with both 5' and 7' toe boards


Four level jacks or caster jacks with cast iron wheels to allow independent adjustment of each leg


You enjoy the finer things in life, and this tower has it all. Just like Prego, it's in there.