Tent Doll - 6 Wheel, Steerable


  • (1) Six-wheeled Steerable Tent Dolly


  • $375.00

10 in Foam filled tires. Flat tires are a thing of the past. Width is 30 in. Product Weight is 126 lbs. These are excellent for moving big bulky items like tables and chairs, air conditioners, PortaJohns’, Bounce Rides, Shingles and of course tents…Tires are duel fixed at the bottom. Makes for excellent floatation when carrying a heavy tent. Back tires swing in an arc and are pinned with a span pin. Multiply positions allow for different angle adjustments of dolly. This allows you to not have to balance the dolly. Wheels are steerable and this makes this dolly very easy to use. Bottom lip swings down to increase the lip length. Cap 750 lbs.

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      126.0000 lbs
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