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Quick-Start Guide to Walkboards

Here's a very quick education if you don't want to read the below.

Our Aluminum/Plywood Walkboard Common Competitors Walkboard
Ox strong one-piece hook design Weak design. Drop it and the hooks bend
Replace hook in 2-3 minutes securely Replace hook in 15-20 minutes. Will never be solid/secure again. Loose slop.  Unnerving at height.
Giant oversize bolts/nylon backing nuts  Rivets hold everything together.
Every part repairable in minutes Can't easily repair. Figure out how to drill out rivets. Reclamp. Hunt for holes from underside. Ends up loose anyway.  
Replace plywood in three minutes (bat drill) with one socket     Plywood takes 15-30 minutes to replace... if you are handy and have the proper tools

Below is our course on the science of BOARDOLOGY

...and a recent update: Please take the time to take the course below... and become a certified boardologist. :)

We have several competitors that carry a light duty cheap 7’ aluminum-plywood walkboard. We study them carefully. It's our life not just our job. We used to carry and sell the same cheap AP-7 type board as they now carry. We had so many returns and complaints from contractors that we decided to manufacture our own board. No other direct retailer like us does this. NOT ONE. They all buy and resell. That means simply for you... more money for fewer products. This cheap type of board is made by several companies here in the USA, but most import this board. Below is a picture so you can identify this board and make a wise, informed and educated decision. When you look closely it becomes a very easy choice to make. A comparable high quality type board like ours will cost you $30-$80 more from Werner, Waco or Safway. They all build a nice high quality board. We think our board is superior to them and we talk about that below. If you have a few minutes get yourself an education on boardology by reading below. Then you will become a certified boardologist. A boardologist can sniff out cheap Chinese and US imitators and make a discerning diagnosis as to the superior product for the money. He can avoid buying a cheap junk board and avoid buyer remorse down the road.

Reasons to Buy Our Board vs Our Competitors

 Any of them including all major high quality US manufacturers. Please read carefully... it's your money.

  1. Buy direct or buy from a middleman? You know the answer to that. We are direct. That's what you want. All others you are currently quoting that manufacture a high quality board do not sell direct. If you are getting a quote online they are resellers only NOT A MANUFACTURER!!! Here's what happens when you don't buy direct. You pay more and get less. Our online competitors buy a board to resell to you that uses an I-beam with roughly a .064” wall thickness vs our .094” wall thickness. At .064 when you screw a rib to the beam it is so thin it compresses and dents. Our competitors put them together two ways. One is hydraulically press it and the other is screw it together. Either way ours are 50% thicker for vastly higher strength. (yes it costs us more to do this) We can do this because we are actually manufacturing this board not buying and reselling. So what do our online competitors do about us? They buy a cheap board and hope you don't do your homework. Even so most are now actually higher than we are with their cheap board. They pay less for this cheap board then mark it up and resell to you. If you check a major manufacturer’s high quality board you can't buy direct. You have to go through a dealer and deal with their markup and zero value added service. Our online competitors put their aluminum/plywood board on the back or last page of their web site hoping you will buy an all-aluminum board. Or an all wood plank. They use a picture showing a board like ours but when your order arrives it is a cheap light weight two piece square riveted hook type board. How much strength does a hook have when it's held together out on the end by one little rivet? Virtually none when dropped. You cannot compete if you are not direct. All the big manufacturers use dealers to minimize their headaches. They all try anything but directly compete with us. So anybody else and you are dealing with a middleman, dealer or reseller... period. Or if direct and there is one and only one out there in the US it's the cheap board for more money. This AP-7 is a very light weight board that has about 4 lbs. less aluminum than ours. Less aluminum means less strength. They use two piece hooks. That's how you spot this board and avoid buying it. They have 1/4 the strength of our gigantic one piece custom hook. Our hooks are gigantic. Our I-beams are gigantic. Our ribs are meaty, beefy and gigantic. Our bolts are gigantic. Our screws are gigantic. We use custom giant nylon locking nuts on the back of these bolts. Our ribs are patterned after the best in the business (up until now) except we took their stout design and vastly increased the meat around the screw hole. We increased the radius that blends into the main beam and the thickness of the lower and upper support beam. Yes it costs us more to do this.
  2. Next our board is modular. This is very important. Modular means any part can be replaced in minutes. How modular is a board held together with rivets and the support rib tubes hydraulically pressed together? Every piece or part on our board can be replaced in a few minutes with simple common hand tools. When you damage their cheap board what will you do? Well you throw it away. You cannot replace any part of their board. Well you can replace the hook. Get a drill and drill the rivets out. Go to the hardware store and buy replacement rivets that you hope will be the same size as the original hole. They probably will not be an exact fit. Then rivet the new hook in place and it will initially be tight from the rivet tool's tension. But it will quickly go loose when hoisted into position on the scaffold because the rivets are the wrong size. What a mess. You will deal with this issue buying from anyone else that sells this type of board. But here's worse news. Often times when a worker or you drop one of these boards and workers love to drop them from the second scaffold level up when no one is looking... the hook bends and the main I Beam also gets damaged almost every time. And then you will wish you had our board. Our main beam is so stout that when dropped it rarely is bent because it is so beefy. Why? Because originally we were a rental equipment company and our boards would come back in off a rental and had been dropped. We would miss the damage and the customer would be long gone. So our own company needs along with customer complaints that purchased this cheap board from us are what prompted us to develop a better board. If you bend our hook, rib, or main beam it's replaced in under 10 minutes. The plywood is held in a special slot and it's replaceable in 10 min by removing 3 screws only. Use a rubber hammer and lightly tap it out of the slot and presto it's done! It's not riveted with 8 to 12 rivets. This feature alone makes this board the obvious choice. It's an investment that will last a lifetime. Remember replaceable or modular is what you want.
  3. Strength. I personally want the strongest board possible underneath me when I am high up in the air. Ours is load tested to exceed 11,000 lbs. You probably weigh a bit less than that. Think about that load rating. It's incredible isn't it? When you really think about it? Most others might be half as strong if they even bother to load test it. When comparing any other board ask for their load test. Most companies use Stork Labs so insist on a valid third party legitimate test. Then you will witness the “hat dance” from them. Here's a little tidbit of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on in our industry. We hear from our 3rd party tester all the time and recently I got a call from our lab guy over at Stork Labs and he said a routine test of our board failed miserably. Only 2200 lbs. I was shocked and said that just can't be. It's been routinely testing five times stronger than that. I said please recheck it and the next morning he called back and I could hear the grin in his voice over the phone saying, “you were right." Their office mixed up the test results with one of our very well-known competitors. Their board didn't pass...You are probably price shopping us against them right now. They are much higher by the way and list their board on the second page at the bottom hoping you will not directly compare us to them.
  4. How do you determine what you are going to get with them? Ask them to email you a picture of their board. One of our top competitors uses a picture similar to ours on his website. On Ebay he uses the actual picture of his cheap board. Talk about deceiving. If it looks like this picture below you know it's the board referred to above. If it looks like our board then you are ok. Concentrate on looking for a two piece hook. No high quality board in our opinion is made this way. At least not one we know of. We have yet to see anyone be able to sell a board even equal to ours for near the same money. If you find it call us... 866-900-0983.

Compare our hook in the following pictures to get a grasp on just how much bigger our hooks are versus a two piece hook AP-7 type board. Our hook is on the top in the pictures below. Notice in the pictures below how the lower hook is held together with one tiny little rivet. Notice how easy it will be to replace ours versus their hook if dented or bent. Look at the picture that shows the end view of both and see just how much wider ours is than theirs... notice the hydraulic press fit of the rib in pictures one and three that make the main I-beam replacement impossible. If you damage the hook and it affects the I-beam you have to throw the board away. Ours is fully modular meaning any part can be replaced. Notice the plywood rivets to hold the edges together. This is because rivets are much cheaper than phenolic resin glue. They use cheap glue and we use fully waterproof glue. There are two types of these cheap boards. The other type has screws through the main I-beams instead of being hydraulically pressed. Please look at the size difference between their screw and ours in the last couple of pictures.

Our competitor's walkboard. Notice the rivet that holds the two piece hook together. Notice the wasted aluminum in all the wrong places that doesn't help strength at all.

Look at the enormous difference in size of our hook (on top) compared to the competitor's hook.

Notice the gigantic bolts our hook uses making replacement fast and easy. Notice the small rivets they use and the hydraulic press fitted rib a few inches to the left of the bottom board in this picture. You can't replace the main I Beam in their board because of this rib.

Hopefully you can see in this picture how much thicker our plywood is compared to theirs. Ours is an actual 13 mm. Theirs is 11.4 mm.

Notice how rivets are needed to hold their plywood edges together due to cheap non-waterproof glue.

Method of selling. We are direct. We ship lightning fast. Today (Wednesday) a gentleman called from Miami. He started talking about how many weeks to get his 130 board order. We replied get us the money and you'll have boards Friday. He said I will wire you in the next hour. He couldn't believe it. We recently ordered from an Archbold Scaffold company some sample products to study and it's 4 months later and we still don't have our order.

Back to our regularly scheduled program:

Our 7’ aluminum plywood walkboard has just received lab test results and the results are everything we'd hoped for. Collapse occurs at 11,000 lbs. Yes that's 11,000 lbs. of load evenly distributed in 5 places across this walkboard. This yields a load rating of 250 lbs/sq ft. with a safety margin of 4 to 1 per OSHA guidelines. All other competitive boards to our knowledge are rated at 75 lbs/sq ft. This means our board is 3.3 times stronger than any other board on the market. 330% stronger from laboratory testing with actual results posted at the below link with photographs.

Aluminum/Ply Walkboard Load Test

We like to be more conservative with our ratings than OSHA so we are going to rate our board at 125 pounds per square foot which yields a safety factor of 8-to-1. Twice that of the government standard. Our board is 66% stronger than any other board with a safety margin twice that of any other board. With more to spare... giving you the ultimate peace of mind concerning safety. Why purchase a lesser board that's three times weaker for more money? The safest board on the market in the U.S., sold to you direct, no middleman, no distributor hassle, and no dealer markup. The nicest board at the best pricing in America delivered directly to your door... fast. How else would you want to do business?

In the design stage for over a year we now are finally producing a walkboard that is second to none. We are extremely proud of our board. Being well acquainted with the rental and contractor business we needed a board that would stand up to extreme abuse; at a price that is simply stated... lower than any directly comparable product.

We took all the current alum/ply boards on the market and corrected the defects or problem areas to produce what we truly believe to be a board that is the best on the market.

6061 T6 alloy throughout. Hooks are reinforced in the shoulder to sport the largest shoulder in the industry. They are one piece, not a two-piece clamped together with rivets, and another rivet holding two thin pieces of aluminum together! Our one piece yields a vastly stronger hook. Engineered and built without regard to cost… built with only strength in mind. Our hook is over 1” thick. In addition it is actually less weight than the beginning weight of a two-piece design, as no aluminum is machined off the hook and throw away. We couldn't understand why some manufacturers would produce a board where they actually pay for aluminum then machine it away. This means they pay for the aluminum and then you don't get it in the board. But you pay for it.

Regarding the shoulder area, it certainly costs a lot more to add extra aluminum but we wanted a hook that could take a direct shot from dropping a board and not bend or dent and be instantly out of service. The hook is also elongated at the tip for better holding ability. Our unique wind latch, utilizing a common nail available anywhere, is built in to the hook instead of the flimsy latch systems almost all competitive products possess.

If latch systems take a blow, most times they're useless and have to be replaced. Of course this nonessential item seldom is ever replaced. How about never gets replaced is more probable. We use high grade bolts and nuts with giant oversize 3/8” carriage bolts securing the hooks to the I beam. Some competitors use 3/16th” screws where we use 5/16” screws. Our screws look over twice as large as theirs. Compare below our rib screw vs a competitors screw. Which do you want to stand on high in the air? Us too… our board of course.

Main I beams are .092 as opposed to some at .064. Our plywood uses waterproof glue...No other manufacturer to our knowledge spends over $2 more to have glue this good. Width is a true ½”. This means we don't have to resort to “band aids” as sealing the outer edge of the plywood after we have used an inferior or cheaper interior grade glue to help prevent the edge from unraveling.

The 7’ long edge of the plywood is encased in aluminum for complete protection. Replacement of hooks or plywood is simply a matter of unbolting a hook and installing a new one. Plywood replacement is even easier. Just unscrew three screws and replace the plywood in a few minutes. Slide it right out and slide another right in. This forethought concerning serviceability protects your investment. Compare us to any board anywhere. We think you will agree...stronger, safer, waterproof glue, the strongest hooks, all sold direct which means the best for the very best value anywhere. Try and find a better deal. You can't. There isn't one. So now you are an official Boardologist. Don't make a mistake and order a two piece hook paper thin type board. You get what you pay for usually but with us you get more.

Questions? We are here. 866-900-0983

Grady Smith