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Prices are by the bundle.  There is a $5 per plank charge to break a bundle/pallet.

Premium Plank:

Scaffoldmart manufactures premium quality scaffold plank for sale that is either MSR (machine stress rated) or Dense Industrial stamped in lengths from 2'-16'.  We recently added a custom high speed chop saw for custom lengths.  Call to inquire.   We receive truckloads of candidate stock from literally mills everywhere.   Most of our volume comes from the Southeastern USA as we are in the heart of pine country.   Once here our team of certified graders grade for both MSR and Dense Industrial DI 65.  This maximizes volume output and lowers downfall or rejected pieces which we sell off at a loss.  This downfall loss affects the overall cost of the final product so it’s important to reduce it to the absolute minimum.    We’ve accomplished this which cuts our costs so we can offer you premium plank at below market rates.   


Deal Direct:

When purchasing scaffold plank the best route is to deal direct with the actual manufacturer.   Not a sales operation.  Others say they manufacture plank…….but if you ask to see their operation you may find out something unexpected……or that hurt’s your feelings. 



Sophisticated MSR capability:

To further our state of the art facility we have installed highly sophisticated and technical acoustical test equipment for our MSR operation.   This sophisticated equipment “thumps” the end of the board and the signal bounces off the end of the plank and returns to a sensor.   It then calculates the stiffness of the plank or MOE short for Mode of Elasticity.  The higher the MOE the stiffer the plank.  The computer calculates extremely accurately the time the signal takes to travel and takes into account many parameters such as density, knots, shake, splits, internal knots unseen by the naked eye, moisture content, species etc. giving an extremely accurate reading that has high repeatability.   This past month we added to our acoustical capability by adding a brand new MSR machine produced by Metriguard.   Metriguard is highly regarded as the best MSR equipment producer in the world.  We only install the best equipment.  This equipment rivals some of the finest sawmills in the world.


Only the best graders:

Your product is only as good as your people.   Our graders are hand trained by Harold Mizelle, the former head grade manager of Weyerhaeuser Plymouth and Ayden hear in eastern NC.   We are very proud to have Harold  heading up our operation.    These two Weyerhaeuser mills produce about 100 truckloads/each of dimensional lumber or 200 total/day.   Harold made sure that these 200 truckloads/day met all SPIB grade requirements for many years.   With his vast experience of over 40 years of grade experience you can be assured we produce an outstanding product that is visually appealing and more importantly meets all facets of the required SPIB rulebook.   We are overseen by the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau or SPIB for short.   Stephen Medlin of the SPIB who has known Harold for 30+ years comes in weekly and randomly audits our grade.    Many stories and tall tales ensue….. J.  The report is emailed over to me…Grady Smith and rarely do we have a piece out of spec.   In fact I can only remember 1 piece back that wasn’t passed over the least 3 years…..


5% Rule:

A very important point is the rule stating 5% of the downfall is allowed to be remixed into the scaffold plank.  Yikes!  When I first found this out I said NEVER.  We’ve never done this.    We will never do this.   This speaks to our quality.  It’s above the requirements.   Ask you current supplier if they do or do not do this…….  



Finally if it gets our approval and final stamp we send it to our rod and clip operation.    We spent 5 years and $500,000 building the world’s fastest automated touch screen rod and clip machine.   I’m pretty proud of it!   As of Mar 21st 2017 we are currently installing upgraded servo computer controlled ball/screw drill heads that move 35 inches/second.  Cycle time will be cut 31 seconds.    These drill heads move so fast you can barely see them move!!!!!!   That means we can process faster.   Which cuts our costs and improves our time to ship your order.   We are currently working to add lasers to burn your logo in to reduce your theft losses……..but it’s not yet available……..


The bottom line to all of this is we produce premium quality scaffold plank manufactured to exacting standards.   Our product is the best that can be bought.  Our model is a little different than others.  We sell 3-8 tractor trailer loads of steel scaffolding each day.   We work off volume.   We have many profit centers.   Plank is not all we do.  We don’t have to make a living selling only plank……so we price it low to sell a lot of it.  Mason’s like the ability to buy plank and steel all in one place…….so convenient! 


When you use the best candidate stock.  The best MSR equipment.  The best people.  You don’t adhere to the 5% rule.  When you own the world’s fastest and only automatic rod and clip machine.


The choice is clear.   We invite you to visit us for a tour.  We’ll show you around and you’ll be very impressed.   Call our highly trained sales guys today to get your custom quote.      




Grady Smith

President, ScaffoldMart.com


Recently freight and lumber pricing are extremely volatile. Please call us for delivery and for a custom quote.


Here at ScaffoldMart we manufacture dense industrial solid sawn pine plank. We buy direct from the lumber mill. Boards are kiln dried to reduce moisture. We are certified by the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau to grade DI-65 and our graders have 30-40 yrs of experience. We grade to a very strict standard set by the SPIB. An SPIB inspector is in here inspecting the grading process every week. Basically it’s a grading system that makes sure the board is safe to stand upon. Ring growth has to be tight/or so many rings/inch. Knots can only be a certain size. One has to average them for overall size... No large splits or cracks. No dead spots. etc. We then rod and clip each board. We do this by drilling a hole approximately 8 mm in size all the way through the board on each end and then insert an 8 mm steel rod into the hole. This rod helps the end of the board to avoid splitting, cracking and warping. The clip means we nip about a 2 in length triangular corner from all 4 corners of the board. This helps to let the board “glance off” a blow if it’s dropped. The corner being at an angle helps to avoid the dreaded split that renders it useless or has to be cut to a shorter length. We stamp OSHA DI 65 on the side so it’s readily seen by the inspectors... which helps you avoid inquiries.

Dealers/Resellers... Call us and let’s talk. We’ll save you some money... or we’ll eat our hat! ( as long as you are not on the other side of the moon…freight)

ScaffoldMart's DI-65 Southern Yellow Pine Planks
>From right here in North Carolina

Call us for any quantity. We have the lowest price in the USA for aluminum/plywood, and all aluminum walk boards.

We are more than competitive as far across country as Colorado, TX. If in NM, WY, SD, ND we may be more competitive but it’s getting a long ways and freight can get in the way. But it’s a fluid situation with all the factors constantly changing. Our low pricing can allow us to undercut many on the WEST coast with their very high overhead.

Include the length, quantity, your best contact phone number preferably a cell phone number so that if we have questions we can quickly reach you and the shipping address so we can figure the shipping. We will email you back a quote. Given the fuel situation freight is a large factor at present. We will do our best to give you an excellent quote and have cut profit to a bare minimum. If you are located relatively close to us we will guarantee that we will not be undersold. The further away from North Carolina you are the more freight plays a factor... but if you will work with us and give us the proper chance we will beat any deal you have. We are in the absolute heart of pine country and no one can sell it for less... we WANT your business.

Our product is kiln dried to 19% moisture for stability and imprint your name (truckload quantities only/and at no charge) to prevent theft. We can't do it for less than a full truckload due to logistics making it impractical. There are in a truckload:

750    16's
1000  12's
1200  10's
1500   8's

ScaffoldMart carries a premium DI-65 Southern Yellow Pine Plank in lengths of 8, 10, 12, and 16 ft. Hand selected and individually graded. Our plank is mill graded and is DI-65 certified and insured. The ends are clipped with a 45-degree cut at all four corners to help prevent end shearing. The ends have a metal rod inserted and have a brad on each end to secure the rod permanently in place, to help prevent warping, cracking, and splitting. The side of the plank is printed in Large Print OSHA to pass your jobsite inspection. Please call us to get a shipping quote.


Shipping Information:

Larger orders shipped common carrier
Zip of origin 27834

Shipping charges depend on quantity.

Shipping charges will be added on to FINAL price. For a shipping quote please call 252-756-3862