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Prices are by the bundle.  There is a $5 per plank charge to break a bundle.


Introducing HD LamPlank, ScaffoldMart's Ultra Premium LVL scaffold plank. 


Straight to the point... our plank is a premium plank tested like no other for $5-$30 dollars less per plank than anyone you will get a quote from. No gimmicks, tricks or shortcuts. Premium plank sold direct.  


Our plank is tested with a Metriguard 7200 HCLT. I doubt the plank you have been using for years is physically tested... This machine is patented and so costly that only the largest best equipped mills make this sort of huge investment. Smaller LVL manufacturer's can't afford it. It will physically test 3600 linear feet of plank per minute. Complete overkill for most LVL manufacturers. So they install cheaper acoustical test equipment. We don't test LVL with sound... we physically test.


Every. Linear. Inch.


The 7200 is normally installed in larger sawmills where they produce MSR (machine stress rated) lumber. We know of no other LVL scaffold plank supplier in the USA that uses Metriguards top of the line physical tester. Most use an acoustical or sonic veneer tester that prescreens the veneers before layup for density/strength. A 312 Metriguard is too slow as it takes several minutes to test each piece so don't let someone tell you they have a "Metriguard" as it's probably the $53,000 tester not the 7200. We do own the 312 as well. They use a recipe of the stronger veneers to the outside of the plank both top and bottom. This works ok most of the time. I suppose they use the Metriguard 312 to test five pieces each four hour shift after acoustically testing before layup.   If anything goes wrong with the glue being sprayed, or a worker just misses a spot here and there or say there's a gummed tip and several veneer layers don't get sprayed or it's too thin a layer you will not know it. And if there is no glue or too little glue between a few or some of the layers then there is no strength really... and you can't really see this with the naked eye. Do you want to purchase LVL plank where this is possible? No you don't!


There is only one way to be sure. Physically test every inch along it's length and that  requires the patented 7200.


The 7200 Metriguard has rollers on the top and bottom that are offset. The plank is fed through the machine the long way and the offset rollers press up from the bottom and down from the top. This bending action is then measured and each piece comes out the end with every linear inch having been fully tested for weak spots or localized defects. A sonic tester can't detect a weak spot. Maybe the signal returns as 90% of the plank is running an MOE (mode of elasticity) of 2.5 but then there is a single spot where it's 1.4. It gives an average of 2.3 but that 1.4 area is weak and it only takes one weak spot. Right?


So buy the best. Insist that your crews and employees stand on actual mechanically tested plank.   


I invite you next time you are getting quotes to ask your current supplier this. Is every inch of your plank physically tested after production? What you hear may surprise you. Maybe you will hear "that doesn't matter." Maybe you will hear, "Yes!" Ask if it's a 7200... it's probably not so the actual answer is no... Maybe you will hear some bad mouthing. The old guard in this industry love to bad mouth us. Which is classless. We've grown used to it through the years as our business sells for less everyday. We never bad mouth competition but if they are good we talk them up. The customer can see through this way of doing business and we run our business the right way... never any shortcuts. 


I'm Grady Smith and am proud to say that in 14 years of sending out 3-8 tractor trailer loads of scaffolding products every day we have never had a lawsuit for one of our products failing. We have product going into Europe, Africa, South America, The Caribbean, Australia, Panama, The Honduras, Spain, and of course all over the USA. Think about that... that's a pretty impressive record given our high risk industry. That's because we engineer every product we sell to a higher load rating than is needed. Or we test to a higher standard. Sometimes it's several times higher that OSHA requires. (Our walkboards 3.5 times stronger than the industry standard)

Here's one example of shortcuts: Did you know it's standard practice in the solid plank business that 5% of bad/failed plank are allowed to be mixed in with the plank that passed? SPIB/OSHA allow this. Did you know this? It's standard practice in the industry to mix that 5% bad back in as there are 6 plank on most scaffold frames so if one breaks you still have 5 more. Since I don't answer to a board of directors or bean counters in France we don't mix defective plank back in... ever... we only sell 100% grade passed plank (to the SPIB standards or Southern Pine Inspection Bureau). 


We employ two veteran's that have over 60 years of grade and lumber experience to run our lumber division. They are on the floor every day not sitting in an office. Training, teaching, coaching and correcting the young guys. One worked as the head grade manager for Weyerhaeuser for 40 years managing the grade process that produced 100 truckloads per day at each location in Ayden and Plymouth NC. He retired and is supposed to be here 20 hours a week but we can't beat him away with a stick. He loves it! The other ran a lumber business in Plymouth for many years as the manager for an absentee owner. 


The next time you need plank give our sales guys Glen, Grace, Matt, Gray or Randy a shot at quoting you... we promise you that you will be happy with the plank, the price and hopefully the delivery time. 


One last but very important point. Suppose you need four hundred 16's which requires a truck at a full truck freight price. So buying less than truckload but paying for all of the truck in freight charges kills you. You only want 400 and you have half the truck empty. Most of our customers realize they need some other stuff like jacks, or safety rails or cross braces etc... and it's like getting free freight on these items. So instead of buying locally and paying alot more now you have an option. Since we sell for less than anybody in the country (compare for yourself) I invite you to maybe rethink having to buy a full truckload of plank next time to not get killed on the freight... it allows you to do say half plank and half steel scaffolding. No other supplier in the country can offer you this.  

If you want a sample call us and we will cut you a piece and send it to you no charge to evaluate it.    


Or if you want to come here and see our operation please let us know and we'll be glad to give you a tour. It's 240,000 square feet of tour. After you tour our facility I think you will come to understand that we sell higher quality products for less and that you can trust and depend on us.   


God bless...



Grady Smith 

CEO, ScaffoldMart


Our LVL Conforms to:

ANSI A10.8-2001 Load Requirements

Applicable design standards.

ICBO 1997 Uniform Building Code Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber

OSHA Scaffold Standards: (29 CFR 1910 and 1926)

ANSI A10.8-2001, Safety Requirements for Scaffolding. Plank Embossing.

Each plank is permanently embossed with the following: ScaffoldMart Proof Tested Scaffold Plank OSHA ANSI A10.8

Scarfed face joints for a smooth flat working surface

Eased edges for splinter free handling



Scarfed face joints for a smooth flat working surface

Eased edges for splinter free handling

Meets OSHA and ANSI with Independent 3rd Party Inspection.

Each board is individually proof tested.

These boards utilize weatherproof glue

Custom printing available (company name etc)

Custom lengths available

Widths: 9.25", 9.5", 11.25" (Only 9.25 available direct from our warehouse in Greenville, NC.)

Weight: 3.25 pounds per foot