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On this page you will find three brief descriptions of the three types of scaffolding caster wheel we offer. If after reading the description you know which wheel you need, you can enter your desired quantity of that product in the table below and hit "Add to cart." If you want more detailed information on a specific caster wheel, click it's name in the descriptions below or  in the table to visit the product page.

8" Cast-Iron Scaffolding Caster Wheels

We offer 8" cast-iron scaffolding caster wheels in two variations. One has a 1.375" OD stem that fits a #6 tube and most of our scaffolding frames. The other has a 1.25" OD stem and it fits what is called a #5 tube, in which we only carry 5' x 5' frames and in small quantities.

8" Polycarbonate Scaffolding Caster Wheel

We offer one other version of 8" scaffolding caster wheel, and it's our premium, heavy-duty polycarbonate frame model. A little extra load capacity in a slightly lighter package, and they look nice. The polycarbonate caster wheel is only available in 1.375" OD stem for a #6 tube.

Multifunction Scaffolding Caster Wheel

The only scaffolding caster wheel we offer that is not an 8" model is our 5" multifunction wheel that fits our square-tube multifunction unit.




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Mobility is a big part of scaffoldings. Given that it is so heavy, the ability to move it provides convenience that is otherwise not offered to a lot of contractors. If your business frequently uses scaffolding for work, let Scaffold Mart provide you with the caster wheels needed to get the job done.

We have three kinds of caster wheels in stock: cast-iron, polycarbonate, and multifunction wheels. We have provided a brief description of each in our website in order to help customers. Rest assured that Scaffold Mart only offers products that will serve you well for a long time. After all, these wheels will carry hundreds of pounds in heavy loads at any time. With us, you can be sure of the quality of our scaffolding wheels for sale.

When it comes to caster wheels, it’s better to prioritize quality over savings. These workbench wheels must last long without fault, and while there are cheap options that would have no problem for daily use, they may lack the features or simple durability that makes for a good investment. Scaffold casters should have secure brakes, heavy-duty quality, and must be able to hold heavy workbenches. You’ll find such wheels at Scaffold Mart.

As a leading scaffolding vendor, you can expect us to have all the accessories for your scaffolding. Casters are only one of the many items we carry at Scaffold Mart; we also have frames, walking planks, rails and safety equipment, and many more. Anything you need, order as much as you want or contact us if you can’t find it on our page. You can also get in touch with one of our sales representatives for more information.