Scaffolding Sets

For a quick selection choose from our most popular packages below.  Click on one of the images above to start by choosing frame pattern.  From there, you can choose frame style/size, and brace size from each page.  

MOST POPULAR scaffold SET packages:

5X5 Basic Set Package BJ Style 5'X5' Ladder Set w/ 7' Braces BJ Style Standard 5' X 5' Set w/ 7' Bracing  BJ-Style 5'X6'6" Walkthrough Set w/ 7' Braces


S-Style 5'X5' Ladder Set w/ 7' Braces S-Style 36"X6'4" Walkthrough Set w/ 7' Braces S-Style 5'X6'4" Walkthrough Set w/ 7' Braces W-Style 5'X5'1" Ladder Set w/ 7' Braces


*New Product: We now offer an adjustable stackpin for tube sizes 1.625" OD and above. This product creates a rock solid connection when stacking scaffolding. Check it out here, or add to your cart by selecting quantity at the bottom of product lists when you add sets to your cart.

Quality is in the attention to details...

Just as a luxury car distinguishes itself with the attention to details, we at ScaffoldMart pride ourselves in the little things that make our products superior to the competition. After many years in the industry we have refined our scaffolding to exceed all expectations.

Some Examples Include:

Instead of pinch welding our frames we take the extra time to cope weld each joint and brace stud, significantly increasing the strength of the overall frame.

All of our frames feature a slag-less tube design that allowed us to increase our stackpin diameter, leading to stronger and tighter fitting towers and sets.

We increased the length of our gravity flip lock eliminating the possibility of a accidental flip up that could allow a safety rail to fall off.

Our cross braces are hot dipped zinc galvanized prior to manufacturing which coats the inside as well as the outside. This prevents the tube from rusting from the inside out.


For a one-time scaffolding purchase, get one of ScaffoldMart’s scaffolding sets for sale. Available in ScaffoldMart (matches BilJax) and Safway patterns on the cart, if you don't see the frame that suites your need, give a salesman a call. Pick by color or style; trust that you can’t go wrong by choosing us. In addition, you can use multiple sets if you’re planning to create a multi-tier setup.

Our own S-style scaffolding set functions with the Safway pattern perfectly. This way, switching to us won’t be so challenging or costly. You can choose among ladder frame, walkthrough, and walkthrough with built-in ladder scaffoldings. Each corresponds with different needs, so make sure to choose wisely.

The same goes with our ScaffoldMart pattern yellow sets, but in varying sizes. They match BilJax pattern scaffolding, so you won’t have to worry about buying new components or making sure the parts fit. 

More than anything, we want to make sure that you get what you need for your business. In construction, painting and other trades, it’s better to be safe than risk not satisfying client expectations. You have our word; our products are of the highest quality and won’t disappoint.

Buy one of our scaffolding sets or have a talk with one of our sales representatives to clear questions. Once you’re sure, we hope you make ScaffoldMart your destination for all things scaffolding. Contact us for more information. 866-900-0983.