Scaffolding Frames

Our scaffolding frame...

My father ran a five store rental company for over a decade, and understands better than most what makes a durable scaffolding frame, pouring over the details to achieve the highest standards in toughness. All of our products are designed to spec by that same durability expert right here at our offices in Eastern North Carolina. All of our frames are built with this standard in mind, with an attention to detail you won't find elsewhere. You will be hardpressed to find a scaffolding frame with this quality at this price anywhere else in the world.

What do we have in mind when we think of a quality scaffolding frame? Durability, ease of use, economy, and safety; among other things. We have scaffolding frames designed to interchange with three major patterns: 

BilJax, Safway, Waco

We sell in these established patterns because they have historically been the most common in the steel frame scaffolding industry. Smaller manufacturers never changed the patterns much, because it would have been a huge cost to the client who already carried an established pattern.

Most of our scaffolding frames match the BilJax pattern, which is what my father carried in the rental days. They are our SM yellow frames. We also carry Safway pattern in blue, and Waco pattern in red.

*We do not have scaffold frames for sale manufactured by these companies, all frames we sell are our frames, built in our factory and stocked on our line. We believe in many ways our scaffold frames are better than the originals.