Scaffolding Tower Packages

ScaffoldMart's Scaffolding Tower Variations

Scaffolding Towers

If you are simply looking for a freestanding scafffolding tower with everything you need to work safely and in compiance with OSHA, these are the towers for you. Here you will find freestanding scaffolding towers at a range of heights and with a variety options based on your budget and appplication.

Internal Stair Tower Package

Our internal stair tower packages are also freestanding scaffolding towers, they come complete with our internal stair units set in the interior. These scaffolindg towers provide the ultimate in access. Like our other scaffolding towers, they come in a range of heights and variety of options based on your budget.

Church & Stadium Scaffolding

The newest addition to our line-up of scaffolding towers; church & stadium scaffolding, also known as light-bulb scaffolding, is made for use on uneven surfaces, on an incline, and overtop of fixed seating or pews. The system comes with a base kit that allows adjustability of the systems legs and dimensions of the base. By this mechanism, these towers can be set up in places other scaffolding simply can't.

Narrow Frame Tower Packages

Our narrow tower packages are exactly what they sound like, tower packages constructed of our narrow scaffolding frame offerings. This could be either a narrow bakers frame or a system made up of our multifunction units. Bakers frame towers follow the same categorical rules as all of our tubular-steel scaffolding, while bakers scaffolding does not.

Specialty scaffolding packages

Our specialty scaffolding packages are where you will find preconfigured towers more than one unit wide.

After you choose from the options above...

Above you will find a selection of categories of scaffolding tower. Once you have made yourself familiar with our offerings, decide which best fits your application.The last thing you will need to know is this: The differences between our Budget, Deluxe, and Super-Deluxe Scaffolding Tower Packages.

  • Choose one of our styles of tower by browsing the offerings above.
  • Choose the size of your tower. They may vary only in height, if you would like 10' spacing, call us toll-free and ask a salesman for help.
  • If given the option, choose either rolling or stationary.
  • Once you've chosen between rolling or stationary (or not, in some cases), you will choose between Budget, Deluxe, and Super Deluxe  tower configurations.
 The final decision you will make  when selecting a tower is between our Budget, Deluxe, and Super-Deluxe tower configurations.



Budget - All budget tower packages include our regular duty aluminum/plywood walkboards, and our budget safety rail system.


Deluxe - All deluxe tower packages include an upgrade to our deluxe safety rail system, an upgrade to severe-duty aluminum/plywood walkboards and an upgrade to either level jacks or caster jacks.


Super Deluxe - All super deluxe tower packages include and upgrade to our all aluminum walkboards, an upgrade to our premium frames with c-locks and 7' toe-boards. Like our deluxe towers, it includes the deluxe safety rail system, and either level jacks or caster jacks.

*Super-Deluxe Internal Stair Towers include double the ammount of cross braces and stair clamps to give you a rock solid stair system