Scaffolding Cross Brace

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Scaffoldmart’s High Quality Cross Braces

Video may reference free freight.
We have removed built in freight and lowered pricing drastically.
All orders are now “plus freight”.

Quality Update…yep long winded as usual... We have recently upgraded our galvanized cross brace drastically. One improvement was we increased the tube thickness. Doing this has a geometric effect on strength. Additionally since we began Scaffoldmart we purchased bare tube steel to make our braces. Heat the ends to red hot glowing... so that when pressed the tube doesn’t crack, hydraulically press the ends, punch the holes….etc. Once the brace is complete we drilled a small drain hole in each end of the tube. This allowed liquid to drain from the inside of the brace. Then the brace was acid dipped to prepare the surface to accept the zinc galvanizing. Next the brace was removed, drained and then immersed in a neutralizing bath. The neutralizing solution didn’t always fully neutralize the acid on the inside. Some acid residue seemed to always remain. Which encouraged rust and scale buildup inside longer term. So we began studying how others do their braces... Anyway then the galvanizing was applied. But only to the outside. So the inside of the brace was unprotected with zinc and sometimes still had trace acid residue. Eventually we decided that this wouldn’t do even though most others we compete with do this. It costs us almost $1/brace more now yet we sell our brace for less than anyone. What we did was order the tube pre-galvanized from the steel factory. In this way the inside and the outside are fully coated with hot dip zinc.

So you see dealing with the older big names in the business can be deceiving; You can pay more but you won’t get more. You can’t buy a better brace... anywhere... just one of the little details that make us the industry quality leader... don’t think just because the pricing is so low that our products are not the very best money can buy... they are... We now supply the largest construction company in the world... and 2 of the largest scaffold wholesalers in the country with our products... so please rest assured... even though braces are dull and boring to you... they are not to us...

Scaffoldmart's Scaffolding Brace consists of 2 single tubes bolted or riveted in the exact middle and boast a 1.7 or 1.8 mm tube-wall thickness.

The ends are hydraulically flattened and a hole punched center-of-hole to center-of-hole. The brace is then bolted in the center and are fully galvanized for a rust-resistant final finish.

Our scaffold brace fits a stud spacing of 27.75 inches center-of-stud to center-of-stud on the frame, yielding a 7 Ft frame-to-frame spacing. Please don't assume our brace will match your frame pattern. Please measure it. Your stud will need to be exactly 27.75 inches center to center from each stud. Then our 7 ft and 10 ft braces will yield the correct 7 ft and 10 ft spacing. We cannot be responsible if you order without measuring. 12 lbs each

10 ft Brace: This allows the frame to be increased from a 7ft center of tube spacing to a 10ft center of tube spacing and is 27.75 inches from stud to stud. Measure before ordering if you are not ordering our frames. 17 lbs each.

We now carry the 7x2,3,4 ft and 10x2,3,4 ft spacing common with other mainstream frames. The 2, 3, 4 refers to the spacing from center to center of the stud in feet. The first number refers to the length from center of tube to center of tube between 2 different frames on the same side. The reason I say same side as sometimes we are asked is this a diagonal measurement. Ends are heated red hot to hydro press and this sometimes causes very slight rust so ends are gray painted.

Shipping Information:

7 ft 12-13 Pounds each
10 ft 17-18 lbs each
Small orders can be shipped UPS (7 ft only)
Zip of origin 27834


SM Braces
7' x 27.75"

10' x 27.5"


W & S Braces
7' x 2'

7' x 3'

7' x 4'

10' x 2'

10' x 3'

10' x 4'

Gadsden Braces

7' x 3'

10' x 3'