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The saddle versions rest on the tube underneath the hook of a walkboard, providing the highest rigidty while making removal of the walkboard necesarry before removal of the bracket. The clip-on version simply mounts on the frame between the walkboard hook and the vertical tubing, while less rigid these brackets can be applied or removed without having to touch another piece of the scaffolding.

 Scaffolding Side Brackets for Sale:

Scaffolding Saddle Brackets

This is a saddle-type side bracket 20" in length, at 8.3 lbs this is 1.5 lbs heavier than similar brackets; it's just larger, beefier, and stronger. We use 1.625" outer diameter high-strength tubing on the top and side. The diagonal support bar is 1.25" outside diameter. Competitive brackets are only 1". Our tube thickness is 2.5 millimeters and theirs is 2 millimeters. Saddle bracket, when installed, do not move much and are very stable as opposed to a side hanging bracket. It's diisadvnatgage is when the walkboards are installed you cannot easily remove the bracket as the walkboard is on top of the saddle.

Scaffolding Clip-On Side Brackets

Same as above (but not quite as beefy) but with a clip on instead of a saddle so the board can be removed without removing the bracket. This allows quick removal of inside boards while leaving everything having to do with the bracket undisturbed.


20"-30"Adjustable Scaffolding Saddle Brackets

20-30 in fully adjustable Saddle Side Bracket. This Saddle Side Bracket has holes drilled in the sides and this allows a span pin to be inserted all the way though and locking into position. Also called a “2 board to 3 board bracket. This means in “slang terms” or mason jargon that it will hold 2 DI 65 planks or 3 DI 65 Planks. Saddle bracket is heavy duty and has a steep V at the top of the crest so that when installed it’s rock solid with no side to side slop. Has a safety chain to prevent slider from being lost. Powder-coated bright yellow.




Heavy Duty Scaffolding Side Bracket

Mounts on the 5' side of the frame versus the side bracket, whcih mounts the length. This bracket is 534 mm x 570 mm. It is the industry standard 20" fixed scaffold bracket. It’s designed to accept two boards either DI-65 or Laminated in a 9.125" width. It will also fit a 19" scaffold walkboard perfectly. We have beefed up the saddle to 8 mm. Yellow Powder-coat.

Old Test results before we beefed it up were: Load rating of this bracket is conservatively rated at 575 lbs with a 4-to-1 safety margin. Bracket will fail at a conservative 2,300 lbs. See our scaffolding load test results here