Boat Stand V Top 26.5"

Boat Stand V Top 26.5"

  • $50.50

Use this top in the front of your boat to keep the stand from slipping out due to the V. Why pay the difference if you can't tell the difference?


  • Fully Zinc plated
  • No bare steel only(see pic)
  • .5 in Zinc Collar (beefier)
  • 1 in bare steel collar
  • Solid machined collar (not cast)
  • 7 in V on the top/wing
  • 6 in V on top/wing (less support)
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Bare steel

Basically the above tells the story. We make a nice V top that has superior features vs the original. Hot dipped galvanized vs bare steel. Square acme thread. 50% thicker collar. 2 in wider V on top. So why pay more and get less?
And it comes in a prettier color choice

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      15.0000 lbs
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