DI65 - Truckload Pricing

DI-65 Southern Yellow Pine Scaffold Planks, Truckload Page

For truckload quantities of DI-65 scaffold plank, we offer more competitive pricing than on our online shopping cart (retail). Truckload pricing and quantities are as follows:

Length - Price / Quantity in Truckload

16' - $29 / 750

14' - $25.20 / 850

12' - $21.60 / 1,000

10' - $18 / 1,200

8' - $14.40 / 1,500

Call us direct for a truckload quote, 866-900-0983.

In a hurry? Speed is our M.O.

If everything is in stock, we can ship as soon as the next day. Unlike many of our competitors, we manufacture our planks in-house. We have a dedicated warehouse with specialized management boasting decades of experience grading lumber and a state-of-the-art grade line. Orders never ship later than the second business day.*

If you have a sensitive timeframe, please make your sales associate aware immediately. This way we can do everything in our power to meet your timeframe from the beginning.

Seeking a truckload quote?

Do not submit orders for truckload quantities on our website. Please call 866-900-0983 and ask for sales, and a member of our team will take care of you promptly.

Need multiple lengths?

Mixed length truckloads are allowed, so long as the total value of the deal meets that of a regular truckload.**

Pricing is tentative and subject to change daily.


*Lead time is based on the availability of lumber as well as trucking equipment. If we have the desired products in stock and a truck can be booked for immediate (next day, second day) pick-up, these statements hold true.

**The value of truckloads may vary depending on length. We will assess what qualifies as truckload volume on an order-by-order basis.