K2 Keel Stand - 32" to 46"

Nests and Interchangeable with Brownell Pattern (Rusty) Boat Stands



  • (1) Galvanized K2 Keel Stand
  • (1) Galvanized Keel Stand Top w/ Rubber Billet
  • $148.00

What makes these stands superior?

First, we hot dip the base and sell it for less than their painted base. Since the base is constantly in contact with the ground, it makes no sense to us to do a painted base as the paint begins rusting as soon as it contacts the ground.

We hot dip galvanize the entire top versus simply selling you bare steel. We utilize a rubber billet as opposed to a block of plywood. We used to use plywood with phenolic resin glue but we think the rubber billet is much nicer. 

We have beefed up the wingnut collar from 1" to 1.5" in length, this increases by 50% the mating surface to our square acme thread. This increases load capacity.


And an update...

MarineMart has worked hard to further develop a nice keel stand into an outstanding one. If you really study how to block up a boat, we think the future is keel stands not wood blocks. Our keels are priced to undercut blocks... not our competitors... so instead of 5$ or 10$ less we are $40 to $70 less... we intend to create a new market... we are so much less that you should drop blocks and switch... lightning fast on the setup. How about roughly $68.50 or cheaper on the larger K3 and $41.36 less on the smaller K4... our keel stand top has several enhanced features as compared to Brownell. Dimensions are almost indentical with thicker tubing and better coatings. We have tested to destruction and they load to 60,000 lb. or better. So we are rating them at 10,000 lb. and prefer you to use enough to reduce that to 8,000 lb. In this way we have a mimimum safety factor of 6 to 1. At 8,000 lb. the safety factor is ever better at 7.5 to 1. The higher the better! Please don't skimp as I see some hairy layups on the various yards I visit that are downright scary. You can interchange ours with Brownell for those yards that already have Brownell keel stands in stock... so if you already have stock, you can easily make the switch to us and still use a mix of say both KS2's and there are no compatibility problems or switchover headaches. Same part number and same indentical pattern. Tops are interchangeable. The only real difference is that you can call us direct and save big and they last two to three times longer. Why are metal fences outside hot dipped zinc instead of oil dipped paint? Simple, lifespan.

Grady Smith,

CEO, MarineMart

    • Weight
      29.0500 lbs
    • SKU
  • Freight Class
  • Adjustment Range
  • Base Height
    28 3/8"
  • Base Area (Footprint)
    22" X 20"
  • Capacity
    10,000 lb.