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Professionals nationwide and beyond are making the switch to the  galvanized boat stands, the world's finest boat stand. We make the strongest, longest lasting stands available on the market today. Look who's already made the switch:


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We offer a fully galvanized boat stand, that load tests higher than the industry leader, for less money than you are currently paying for their painted model...


As well as an entire marine product line that includes boat dollies, installation jacks, boat/engine racks and all other sorts of marina/boatyard equipment


Salt-Water Corossion Test Comparison - 13 Week Results.


This is a graphic of our model MBS-2 (right) and the industry leader's comparable model (left). We left the two outside on our yard, side by side, under the exact same salty conditions for thirteen weeks leading up to the Miami International Boat Show. Above are the results.


*For simplicities sake, we have begun to call our leading competitors stand "Rusty." This makes it easy to identify the stand to which we are reffering.


Keeping it simple:


MarineMart: Fully hot-dip galvanized, inside and out, holds more weight, $40-$100 less.


Rusty: Vat-dipped in paint, base only. Holds less weight. $40-$100 more expensive.


Find the Perfect Boat Stand for You

Use our simple program below to find the perfect boat stand for your needs.  First select your type of boat. Then simply put in four dimensions: length, beam, weight & displacement, and our program will tell you which stands are right for you. (Important Notice: This program will produce a rough estimate.  Use this program as a guide, however, before purchasing it is necessary for you to run the selection by your local yard that has, or will, be pulling your boat out of the water, to make sure the stand you purchase is the correct size. We do not guarantee selections made by using this program, therefore, please speak to someone at your yard prior to making the final purchase)

Choose your Boat Stand

Use our simple program and put in only 4 dimensions: length, beam, weight & displacement and our program will tell you which stands you need.

First Select Boat Type:   

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