Galvanized Boat Stands

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Galvanized Boat Stands at MarineMart

I thought you’d want to know…

The makers of the famous blue/orange “Rusty” boat stands are price matching us!

They are now aggressively price matching when up against us on a deal… but you have to ask them to match us and mention you are considering MarineMart!

We understand some are comfortable with your “Rusty” brand they’ve had for years and don’t want our stand… we get that. But that does NOT mean you should overpay for your “Rusty’s.” If you don’t ask them to price match us… they sock it to you to the tune of $30 to $100 more per stand than your neighboring marina down the street for their Rustys! So ask!

Is this how to treat a loyal longtime customer? Is this fair? How does it make you feel to pay your favorite distributor $55.70 MORE PER STAND for your MB-0 Rusty’s than they charged another marina for their MB-0 Rusty’s all because they price matched us? So tell your distributor rep that calls on you he’s got to match us!

If you get tired of all the nonsense and maintenance from the rust… then why not make the switch to a stronger stand that is incredibly rust resistant?

“Simply the best boat stand money can buy…”