Boat Lift Trailer Removal System

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Newly Redesigned

Light Duty Boat Lift Trailer Removal System


ScaffoldMart's Heavy Duty Trailer Removal System  

Our boat lift system is currently undergoing stress test lab testing and we will have these results back soon. However for reference our previous model could handle boats up to 3500 LBS.

If you need to remove your boat from your trailer then this is how you do it. The front bow assembly comes with 2 main beams. These connect to support bars on either side which connect to U shaped acme rods which then fit into the front system base stands. We include a heavy duty straight main beam and a heavy duty drop main beam to allow for deep or shallow  V’s. Rubber inserts keep your gel-coat from contacting steel which can cause scratches or gouging. 2 stern stands complete the system. These go under the boat and system operates by screwing upwards equally on all 4 corners until the boat clears the trailer. Then roll it out and immediately place regular stands under the front of the boat boat to secure it. When calling to order please be sure to check the height from the ground to the underside of your boat at the stern. We have the ability to change out the rear stern base to size the system to your boat/trailer combo.  

*The Boat Lift Trailer Removal System is not intended to be used in place of proper Boat Stands. Boat stands must be put in place prior to working in, around or underneath the boat.*


Approximate Adjustment Range:

24in to 40in

Package Includes:

2-  Light Duty Bow Support Beams

2-  Light Duty Bow Support Rods

1-  Keel Fitting (Dropped)

1-  Keel Fitting (Flat)

2-  Stern Support Bases

2-  Keel Stand-3 (Base Only)

2-  Boat Stands  (Medium Top-23")

4-  Toggle Pins (3.5")

2-  Motor Boat Stand-4 Breakouts (MBS-4 Breakout)

2-  Motor Boat Stand-4 Bases (MBS-4 Base)

2-  Motor Boat Stand-4 Tops (MBS-4 Top)