Budget Safety Rail Packages

ScaffoldMart's Budget Safety Rail Package gets it's name from it's economy, not it's quality. The price is budget but these scaffolding products are built with quality like anything else we sell. Our scaffolding safety poles come in male and female models, so we can provide the customer the safety poles they are accustomed to using. Just like our galvanized cross braces, our galvanized scaffolding safety rails are dipped pre-manufacture, meaning you get a complete galvanized coating, inside and out.


These scaffolding safety rail packages come configured for use on 5' wide frames with both 7' and 10' spreads, by use of either a 7' or a 10' safety rail. We only make single safety rails in 5', 7' and 10' lengths. Therefore, we do not have a budget safety rail option for use with our narrow bakers frame. Instead we build a custom end panel, modeled on our deluxe safety end panels but at 28" wide. For more information on our Deluxe Safety Rail Packages please click the link.


*For a more rigid safety system, add four of our adjustable stack pins to eliminate additional wobble in your safety poles. Use the table below to add products to your cart.

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374BSRP10 5' X 10' Budget Safety Package  click for more
  • $135.99
374BSRP7 5' X 7' Budget Safety Package  click for more
  • $117.99
381SPA Stack Pin - Adjustable Diameter  click for more
  • $6.00
Please note: These safety rail packages are safe at height but do wobble. This is not uncommon with any safety rail system of similar design on the market, which is most. Wobble at the top of the pole could be as much as 3"-4". The wobble is due to the clearance between the two stackpin ends... So if wobble is a problem for you then please order the a deluxe safety rail package... which is vastly more rigid.