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Scaffoldmart's outrigger is a long 30 inches.

What is an outrigger? It's a triangular bracket that clamps to the bottom of a scaffold tower or system to increase the base width, in order to increase the stability of the tower.

Two very nice built-in clamps allow you to clamp the scaffold outrigger to the base tube of the scaffold, and the end has a tube that will accept either a level jack, socket leveler, or caster wheel.

Very high quality in powder coated yellow.

Outrigger, scaffolding

Shipping Information:
Weight: 15 pounds
Zip of origin: 27834
Shipping price depends on quantity

Scaffoldmart’s Jumbo 5 Foot Outrigger

Scaffoldmart builds a huge “Jumbo” outrigger for those that want to upgrade to the largest and very best... We recently upgraded the duty rating dramatically by increasing the diagonal tube to the same size as a scaffold frame vertical. 1.625 in/42mm x .090 in/23 mm. We have also added another mid bar. Use this to increase the safety of your tower when increasing the height needed. …..Or use this when you want to increase the stability of your lower tower. This outrigger increases the base width by a whopping 5 full ft. When you add 4 to your single tower we are talking a full 10 ft of base width increase on the short side (5 ft). This adds a dramatic margin of safety to any tower. Has 3 drop forged clamps that when fastened which cannot come off unlike some lesser outriggers that use pancake clamps. Our load testing of these clamps exceed 10,000 lbs of clamping force/clamp. Use these when you want to upgrade the safety/rigidity factor of your tower.