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14' Deluxe Rolling Tower w/ Internal Stairs


  • (4) 6'6" x 5' Premium Walkthrough Frames
  • (8) Galvanized Stack Pins
  • (8) Zinc-Plated Spring Rivets
  • (4) 7' x 27.75" Galvanized Cross Braces
  • (1) 5' Guard Rail Panel 
  • (2) 5' Deluxe Safety End Panels w/ Safety Chains & Toe Boards
  • (2) 7' Double Safety Rails
  • (4) Caster Jacks
  • (4) 8" Cast-Iron Wheels
  • (1) Grouser Bar
  • (2) Internal Stair Units
  • (2) Long Stair Unit Handrails
  • (2) Short Stair Unit Handrails
  • (1) 28" Wide Aluminum/Plywood Walkboard
  • (1) Start Bar
  • (1) Ledger Bar
  • (2) Female Safety Poles
  • (2) 5' Safety Rails
  • (14) Pig Tails
  • (2) Toggle Pins


  • $1198.00

Grady Smith on this product.

Our Deluxe Rolling Tower Package is 14' standing height. Your feet are right around 14'. This package has very high versatility. You can roll it around to your chosen spot, adjust the caster jacks to the correct height and then level the tower followed by setting the casters and you have a very solid tower with internal stairs that allows an easy access to the top. We include an internal grouser bar for solid diagonal rigidity. This comes in super handy when moving the tower. The internal stairs have a short inside handrail and a long outside handrail for a very safe feeling as you make your way upwards. As you step off the first stair to the second we include a heavy duty 5' end panel to keep you from falling out the end of the walkthrough frame. As you step to the next stair up there is a small holding platform to allow rest or to adjust your footing with a platform that's much larger than a regular step. Another very secure feeling. As you reach the top and step out onto the extra wide Severe-Duty Walkboard, which we build right here in Greenville, NC, you will again notice how nice this tower is. We include a ledger bar with female safety poles that protect from falling back down the upper stair once all the way up top on the walkboard. A Deluxe Safety Rail System fits all the way around and this includes toe boards on all four sides with a fully adjustable height u-bolt.


Deluxe Extras:

  • Upgraded Deluxe safety equipment


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