19' Deluxe Rolling Narrow Bakers Tower


  • (6) 7' X 28" Narrow Bakers Scaffolding Frames
  • (6) 7' X 27.75" Galvanized Cross Braces
  • (12) Galvanized Stack Pins
  • (12) Galvanized Spring Rivets
  • (1) 7' Severe-Duty Aluminum Plywood Walkboard
  • (2) 28" Deluxe Narrow End Panels
  • (2) 7' Double Safety Rails
  • (4) 5' Jumbo Outriggers
  • (8) Casterjacks
  • (8) 8' Cast-Iron Wheels
  • (1) Narrow-Frame Grouser Bar
  • (20) Pigtails
  • $789.00

Grady Smith on this product:

We have configured this package for an extra margin of safety. Since it's very narrow at 28" we have decided that our jumbo outriggers are more appropriate to include with this package. Stability at height is determined by the width of your base. Since we are dealing with such a narrow base we think that our regular 30" outrigger is way too inadequate. It meets OSHA code but we don't personally feel comfortable up there so we didn't think you would either. But when you add our jumbo outrigger which is a full 5' and you get one for all four corners of the tower now that's a different matter. This increases the base width to a 12'4". Huge! These outriggers come with five cast iron clamps to clamp tightly to the tube. The outrigger angle can be adjusted so that you have maximum width when moving the tower or when you are in an wide open area. When you need to get in a hallway that's narrow the outrigger can be collapsed downward by adjusting the angle of attachment of the outrigger. This will allow you to get in a very tight narrow space but still have the outriggers deployed.

We have an included deluxe rail system as seen here that fits our narrow packages. It looks exactly the same but instead of being 5' wide it fits the 28" width of this narrow package. It includes a fully welded one piece end panel that has a steel toe board that is height adjustable and a predrilled U shaped bracket for a side toe board which we suggest be done out of wood for cost savings. A safety chain allows you to enter and exit with ease and then when rehooked upon entry allows the OSHA knee rail rule to be complied with. The side rails are 7' in length and have two welded ribs to produce a one piece unit. One piece units are rigid and make you feel warm and fuzzy at height. That is to say they are rock solid and give a feeling of security.

The rail in this package has a frame that allows you to place the walkboard at 12" intervals. This allows you to adjust the standing height to the perfect position all the way from the very bottom to the very top. This package can also be used at the 6' height or 12' height. Included is a narrow grouser bar for stability at the bottom which locks the entire tower from top to bottom. The width of these frames when broken down allows you to carry them with ease up say, an apartment staircase, then reassemble them. The broken down dimension is 28" X 6' and is very easy to carry.

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