20" Heavy-Duty Saddle Bracket


  • (1) 20" Heavy-Duty Saddle Bracket


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Grady Smith on this product:

This is a saddle-type side bracket 20" in length, at 8.3 lb this is 1.5 lb heavier than similar brackets; it's just larger, beefier, and stronger. We use 1.625" outer-diameter high-strength tubing on the top and side. The diagonal support bar is 1.25" outside diameter. Competitive brackets are only 1". Our tube thickness is 2.5 millimeters and theirs is 2 millimeters. Saddle brackets, when installed, do not move much and are very stable as opposed to a side hanging bracket. It's disadvantages is when the walkboards are installed you cannot easily remove the bracket as the walkboard is on top of the saddle.

Use 2 toggle pins to secure.

Grady Smith

CEO, ScaffoldMart

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