7' Double Safety Rail


  • (1) 7' Double Safety Rail


  • $23.00

Grady Smith on this product...

We take our 7' single safety rails and weld two ribs near each end between the two singles forming a one piece integral unit. This completely changes the characteristics of the budget safety rail package producing a feeling of solidness, rigidity and a secure feeling of safety and is quite comforting to me at height. These are for use with the Deluxe Safety Panels only. We produce Deluxe Safety Panels for our 5' widths and our narrow baker's safety panel which has a width of 28". They will not work with our safety poles. I recommend replacement of the budget rail systems at 20' and for those that want to feel really comfortable as low as 10' as well. 

    • Weight
      9.5500 lbs
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  • Length
    85 1/2"
  • Width
    16 1/2"