7' Deluxe Rolling Narrow Bakers Tower


  • (2) 7' X 28" Narrow Bakers Scaffolding Frames
  • (2) 7' X 27.75" Galvanized Cross Braces
  • (4) Galvanized Stack Pins
  • (4) Galvanized Spring Rivets
  • (1) 7' Severe-Duty Aluminum Plywood Walkboard
  • (2) 28" Deluxe Narrow End Panels
  • (2) 7' Double Safety Rails
  • (4) Casterjacks
  • (4) 8' Cast-Iron Wheels
  • (1) Narrow-Frame Grouser Bar
  • (8) Pigtails


  • $449.00

Grady Smith on this product:

A specialty tower for hard-to-reach areas that are too narrow for a regular tower to fit. Also perfect for someone who wants better portability; for example, someone who constantly carries a tower upstairs in a business, factory, industrial or city environment or apartment complex. These frames are narrower and easier to carry up many flights of stairs. No part weighs over 50 lbs.

This is a narrow scaffolding tower, but it's not light duty. The same super-heavy-duty frames are employed as in our regular scaffolding towers.

When scaffolding was load tested a set collapsed at 60,000 lbs; however, we rate it at 3,750 lbs. capacity per set for safety. That's a safety factor of 16 to 1 where OSHA requires only 4 to 1.

This tower's standing height, or where your feet rest, is 6'8" to be absolutely exact.

A special narrow deluxe safety end panel adds security on the top. This is a one piece panel which slides over the stack pins and since it's a one piece it's very sturdy. No wobble. Then we add ribs on the side rails which are welded making the side rail a one piece unit as well. Once assembled you have a quality rail system that is extremely rigid. Panels include adjustable toe boards via a u-bolt that can be loosened and the height of the panel adjusted up or down to match the standing height. A safety chain on the panel allows entry and exit. It's very nice.

This package includes a 7' x 19.25" aluminum/plywood walkboard. Wheels are our 8" industrial casters that roll very easily as opposed to the cheap 5 " casters on most light duty multifunction scaffolding.


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